Where are all the syncro people??


I think someone earlier said that the delica had the same drive train as the montero, so that would be far easier and cheaper to score than a delica way up in Canada.

It is similar. Things that you would need to convert a 2WD Mitsu Van in the US to a 4x4 Delica (currently being imported in Canada)

Full frontal subframe
Steering box
2.5 TD engine/trans/tcase/driveshafts
probably some more

How close is the delica to the usa mitsu vans?

2WD Mitsubishi Delica L300 (JDM) = 2WD Mitubishi VanWagon L300 (USA)

I would be curious to verify the reality of registering an import diesel delica in california. It seems like I would have seen or heard about some, if that were a real possibility.

Canada - 15 year import rule
USA - 25 year import rule

You can bring in the older L300 models though right now. Not as 'refined' as the Delica's I see around Canada now though.

We plan on taking our time and cruising down the westcoast on our way down to S America. Depending on time/place, we'd be happy to stop by here and there.

Since we're running on WVO, I'm going to try and source as much filtered WVO as I can on our way down to ease the fuel costs.
1989 syncro 2.5 tdi

]Front and rear diff locks+LSDs full camper ,,110 solar,9500 power plant winch
diesel fired heater 4wdisks ,24mpg 260fp toque at the wheels, duel fuel tanks
cruse at 75 all day longIMG_0496.jpg
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Some sort of lost...
I miss my syncro :(
I had a 86 syncro, dark grey, with 15" wheels. No lockers, but it was still a great rig. The rear seat folded into a bed, and I removed the center seat and made a cabinet with a 12v fridge and propane stove. Nice dark curtains, battery isolator and aux battery.
I sold it a few years ago with 219k miles for $5k....
I would love to be able to pick up a clean syncro westy and drop in a VR6 or subie 6cyl, but they are just so damn spendy.
89 syncro

Thank you for the commits vanagons are hard to set up
This cost about 45k with most of the work being done at a home and not a shop I tried a shop they were crazy. So I took it to Tom at Mink Creek Syncros did agreat job now he is doing Sportsmobiles and Camper Vans
Thanks Jeb I will be getting over at some point. I married a nice Essex girl
so we visit family in Suffolk If you ever want to come to DC the spare room is just collecting dust anyway. I love English cars any car that looks like a box in general. Here is the mini I put together to bad I haven't driven it since I got the syncro together.


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I've been reworking the front suspension on Syncrozilla. Here are the new King resivior shocks and springs. Upper control arms and upper shock mounts are custom made. I'll have about 11 inches of travel on my front wheels. Should handle the washboard really nice.


Now I need to build covers that will seal off the holes I cut under the front seat. Hope to have it ready in 3 weeks for a death valley trip.



This is a link to a shot of my Syncro. It is a 16" Syncro DoKa with John Wessels coil over lift kit, the rack that I designed and helped build and our Overland tent. It is running a 2.6 liter South African inline six motor that is sold by Overland (not the tent guys) out of CA. It is 140 hp and 140 ft./lbs of torque. It is not huge but makes it like a regular vehicle to drive.

the other Craig

(at some point I will try and get the pics to just pop up - sorry)


Sorry inline 5 is correct. Just repeating the 6 from 2.6, I think. I have had several of the inline 5's in VW Quantum Syncros and love the 5 cylinders.

the other Craig

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