where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?


I just read a 25 page thread that should only be 17. 8 pages of immature comments by non owners. Kills research..........

Cole, I am looking at 2004 Turbos. They are everywhere with under 130k and around 12. A fair few pages back you listed all the pros it came with stock and then had a sub list of locking diff, sway bar disco etc. Did yours not come with all that? So you don't have the "off road package" You seem to imply it's not needed. Is it worth holding out to find one? I don't think it will affect price much just availability. They have the German car price drop in full effect. I'm going to go to the more specific forums to figure out how to identify what options. Any suggestions based on ownership experience? I'm going to run the 18s with same size as you. I want air ride, low range, and rear locker. Air ride is easy to find the locker not so much primarily because it's not listed on the options usually because they don't expect that as a selling point. Thanks


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I don't have the off road package. I looked for a long time and just never found one with it that wasn't a crazy price. It's just rare on the 03-06 Cayennes. Cayennes with it will typically have the factory aluminum rocker steps that look like a running board and an extra button to the right of the air suspension lever. I'll see if I can find a picture.

In 2008(note there is no 2007 in the USA) the automatic sway bars were lumped in with the PDCC option. (Porsche dynamic chassis control). Not as rare as the off road package, but super desirable so the cars that have it are at a premium.

Touaregs were more common with the locker.

So if someone were a little ambitious the could track down lockers from a Touareg and auto swaybars from an 08+

(The chassis is the same 2003-2010. Only a few body panels were changed to "facelift" them

I'd love to have the locker in mine but haven't found a need just yet. But have looked into what I need to add it. I've also looked into swapping my Diffs to those from an S or Touareg to get a different gear ratio for my larger tires. But with 500hp+ I haven't been to concerned with the gears. It still goes just fine.


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The picture was actually posted on the first page of this thread. If a Cayenne has this switch it had the off road tech package.

But as to your questions . . . (WARNING: Not an expert :( )

As I understand it, the Advanced Offroad Technology Package with the rear differential lock was optional on all of the models: S, Turbo and plain (V6) Cayenne. The stock setup allowed only for center diff locking. However, I've looked at a dozen or so S and Turbo Cayennes and have yet to see one with the Advanced Off-Road Package (identifable by sill protectors and skidplates) and I think the option is very rare.


Good luck heading down this road.


So what is needed to add it? I want a Turbo so even if I found an S or base with off road I would rather have the Turbo as a platform. These things are as cheap as a clean 80 or 100 and I know which id rather ride in. The pros and cons an be debated all day. So what is involved in adding lockers and gears like you mentioned? Then I can just get a clean Turbo and build it up. Is the dual battery an option itself or part of a package? Or part of like base, s, turbo. I'm probably going to take mine a few places you would say no to just because you need yours to tow and other things. I'll be willing to smash some panels and such. I understand the Touareg is probably more off road oriented but if they are interchangeable id rather have the Cayenne with the Touareg swapped parts. One day I was testing out a tune on my e30 with an s50 swap on the highway and a middle age woman came by about 95 in a turbo S and I got on her tail and she left me hardcore. We got to 125 or so and I was running out of motor and she was pulling hard still that's when I said I gotta have one. Then I got home an saw she had a top speed of 170 and I didn't feel so bad getting left. I'm going to have a/t tires and a track set. I autocross in Subarus and e30s but seeing that video you made has me wanting to do something different. Take it to Nurburgring would be crazy too. It's cheaper for a Cayenne than a Touareg and ones a truck and ones a bad mother f. Thanks for any insight on the swap and the Cayenne in general.


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The dual battery set up was an option all by itself. More common on early Cayennes (04) than later ones.

I'd probably just swap complete Diffs tomget lockers/gears. Can't imaging too many people are shopping for them so they may be easy to get.

I've already put my CTT through more use/abuse than most. Just haven't taken any wheeling pictures.


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Some mods to my Cayenne. Behind the front seats is an Engle 17qt fridge and Yeti soft cooler, front runner water bladder. In the rear cargo area is a Dometic 25 fridge, Ark Pak , Lift Trax , 5lb C02 tank , two Alu boxes.

What model is that tent?


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Add my contribution.

I have had a 2004 v6 touareg, 2005 Cayenne, V8 and currently a 2009 Cayenne Turbo S, best one of the platform so far.

Sold the 2004 last year after 10 years of ownership, was going to convert it to a fun off road, but in the end after my research decided to sell.

Anyways, here are some ideas of stuff I have found over the years.












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Surco Safari rack for spare

I did this on my touareg, truck is gone, but was thinking of the rack for the cayenne 957.

Mounts on the roof in the slots, so makes a pretty slender install.



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Nice, thanks, and the size is 42x48? How do you like it?

I have the factory roof bars on my 957, not sure how much weight those can hold, they are off for now as I was thinking of puting my surco safari rack I had on the touareg directly on there at one point (good for a spare and other stuff)


I like the size. Other tents would be much too large for the roof. You will need to use a small two step ladder to open and close the tent with ease. The factory bars should hold the tent just fine. As for a spare check out the setup I have.

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