Why doesn't someone figure out a G55 front winch bumper?


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I am selling my Europa winch bumper that was on my 1999 G500 when I purchased it.
It was damaged in a front end collision, but can be repaired by any competent metal shop. Top edge of cradle is bent in slightly. Side arms have some damage and could be cut off and replaced or just reshaped. I can get estimates for repair if absolutely needed.

The winch bumper has accommodation for oil cooler brackets that do not fit on a tow pin bumper. Therefore, this bumper will allow winch fitment to G55, G55K, or G500 and G550 up to 2012 without any oil cooler relocation.
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I am in Colorado Springs, CO. I am surprised that nobody mentioned that THOR makes a winch basket that bolts to the stock bumper. Looks like it would do what I need it to do. I wish it were detachable similar to the tow-pin set up though.
Installed on my 02 G500. Works great. Integrates with bull-bar nicely. $900 I think was the price.
adding in pics of the AFN front bumper - not as stout as an ARB but it works.... The Gear Shop also has a retrofit bracket kit for a 79 series LC ARB setup...


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