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  • G'day Alan,
    I have noted many of your comments regarding alloy wheels and I am interested in 5 stud alloy rims to suit my FG649 Canter. I have a set of six XZL 255/100 R16 Michelins, but I am not happy with the split rims. Can you advise the rims you have previously discussed?
    Bwana Neusi, Perth WA
    Hi Alan,
    It was suggested but another person on the forum that I contact you regarding the measurement's of a 5 lug Fuso rim. Stockton Wheel has the specks for a 6 lug but not a 5. I am very close to them but would prefer to not take my wheel to them. Tx, Steve
    Hi Alan, Amazing work on your Fuso! I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a Fuso project myslef here in the US. Long term plan with the truck will be to drive accross the world over a period of a year or so. I'm planning on doing a custom frame with either 6X6 or 8X8. Is there any regs over there in AUS that I'd need to know about with more than 4 wheels? I know you guys have some kind of restrictions you deal with on the single wheels vs. duallies. Not sure if that affects more than two axles.???
    Thanks for your time and great work! Can't wait to see more pics.
    Hi Alan, Just wondering if you still have or can get the 16 inch super single rims for the FG637? If so a price and availability. I'm in Perth WA. Thanks.
    Regards Brett.
    Hi Alan
    Been reading with interest about your adventures etc - but in particular about your great wheel tyre choices.
    Ive recenlty completed my Canter FG84 2010 model into a motorhome I Designed on CAD and built myself (no blog site as yet, but can send pix etc by email).
    Steel sub frame (spring mounts like earthcruiser) with 25 x 3 RHS ally framing, clad with Alcubond composite panelling & ally checker plate.
    Anyway I'm very interetsed in where u got those nice 16 x 8 alloys from - any advice would be appreciated.
    As u know the only commercial option here is the 19.5 x 8.25 super singles - but i'd prefer the 16's for a taller sidewall etc.
    I'd like to fit the Toyo Open Country MTR 315/75R16 (35x12.5) - they look great on paper (be better if we could get the USA 127Q version here).
    Also considering the parabolic replacement leaf/shock setup from Alll Terraine.
    Regards Steve
    - any advice or info we should know ?

    We are also currently investigating the tyres for South America... i.e. trying to answer the question "what are the most popular/easy to find tyre brands in sizes 235/85 or 245/85 or 255/85 or 265/85 in Latin America ?" and will soon post our first results.

    Thank you for any help.

    Drive Safe and have fun !
    Robert (aka kookynet)

    (*) measures +/- 2 mm: the truck came with, split tubed steel 16", with 5 lugs spaced 120 mm (4-3/4" as the say here),
    lugs diameter 33 mm (1-1/4") - Hub bore 150 mm (5-7/8") - current depth 186 mm, current offset 113 mm (if I am right, the offset is the distance between the axle "disk" on which sits the rim and the middle of the part of the rim which hosts the tyre).
    Am I right to think that these are the standard Canter measures around 1994 ?
    G'Day Alan,

    Thanks for sharing your research on SRW.

    We have a 1994 Short Wheel Base Canter FG 538B engine 4D35 OAZF imported from Japan last summer, after our Def 110 got destroyed in a container crash between Sydney, Au and Europe. We are currently visiting in California and improving our truck.

    Currently in the move from split tubed duals 7.00 x 16 steel (*) to steel tubeless single 16" width 8".

    I want to have the tyres aligned so I had to figure out the new offset. I came to F= 75 mm (future rim thickness assumed to be 10 mm)

    - do you confirm this is the right offset to go for ?
    I measured a difference of A=160 mm between front half axle and rear half axle.
    With E= thickness of the new rim, I think F=(A-E)/2 hence the 75 mm offset. Correct ?

    - how much did you pay for the wheels ?

    - any idea where we can have them made ? China you said ?
    Hi Alan, I noticed you have a 4wd workshop. I'm trying to help one of the guys in the US. He does big Fuso FM 4wd conversions. Abyway he has a 75 series troopie he imported from Oz. Apparantly you can't buy them at all in th states. He's doing a resto on it and neeeds a heap of parts like reco diffs, modified suspension kit, spare windscreens, bullbars etc, . Can you suggest anything?? He can arrange shipping but needs someone to pallet it all up for him. Is that the sort of gear you sell. I gave him a link to ebay so he can look at 2nd hand prices as well.

    Regards John Marano
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