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  • Just got a message from expo portal saying my box was full. Deleted some old messages,please resend when you get a chance. Also do you know of anyone besides Skid Row that makes skid plates for tundras? Thanks Josh
    Hey guy,enjoyed the trip with you, thanks for all the info. Is that offer to help me tune my cb antennae still on? My home phone id 7609448804.
    Hey Richard, suspect the Quad Desert Trip will be from about October 15 to end of October - first couple of days of November. Hope you can make it! Cheers, Jan
    All dates are on the thread and it will be updated as things change or adjust. Easier if you email me: jalsen at gmail dot com
    Rich, I'd like to take you up on lead for Anza Borrego in Nov. We just need to firm up a meeting place and date/time. Post up what you think will be the best. So far, have heard the circle in Borrego Springs? Jan
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