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  • Hey Man,
    Yes I sold the disco as part of my move to Cali (having 4 autos simply does not work well in Downtown San Francisco). Since the Disco was primarily a Overland/Offroad toy it had to go even though I still miss it. As part of my selling all my automotive to go down to one I picked up a nice 2005 G500. Love that thing. I recently starting to get the itch to add more farkles to it for over landing so have been snooping around the past couple weeks here :) Good hearing from you! Hope all is well
    Hey Alan I hope you remember me an Paisley. I'm super excited about this Ozark Overland Rally and would love to have you on my team. What is your email address and I can start getting info to you as it comes in. Looks like I have 1 other team member lined up. So 3 to 4 vehicles should be perfect.
    Hope you guys have a good holiday and we are looking forward to seeing you all in the future.
    I enjoyed your continental divide photos you posted a link to in your expo14 post....Thanks for taking the time to share....very beautiful. Did you find any gold at the end of that rainbow? I think the rainbow was the real treasure.....Dave
    Hey Alan,

    Monday or Tuesday work fine, the schedule is flexible. Yep, the messaging options were getting abused (leading to 3am wake-up calls for no good reason)... if you need to reach me just send me an email:
    Hey Alan,

    I just checked the schedule and timing looks good that week. Let me know when you're headed up to Prescott and I'll swing by HQ to give you a tour. Be advised, the 17th is St. Patrick's so a quiet drink in downtown will not be found on that day. :D
    The White 110 towing a tdi 109 trail truck you pm'd me about was Matt Moran on his way to the National Rally in Colorado. He's from Chevy Chase, Md.. My screen name is still Maryland 110 but my main rig is a 130 double cab.
    Thanks. I did make it to BB. He and Buddy Guy were great. I'll try getting ahold of you next time I'm in the OKC area. This last visit was nuts. Ended up spending much more time under the Jeep than I'd expected (and still have some issues that I'll be working on this weekend). Hope all is working well with your son's ride. Talk to you later.
    I look forward to reading your future trip reports and travels in your Disco2. Feel free to PM with any questions!
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