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  • Hey Haggis,
    Hope all is well. The wife was saying we need a trip this spring. She said International Falls MN but I am thinking south might be a better direction. I was thinking maybe your state and maybe a little Hocking Hills SP in OH. Might have my bro-in-law and his GF meet up from VA too. anything you could recommend from the middle of PA west? Not looking for anything crazy. Does PA allow dispersed camping too?
    Hey Haggis, not sure how often you check posts on FB, so I thought I'd throw you a line here. Heading to Wellsboro, any places to explore in the area? Best places to eat? Say post hike?
    I'm an Appalachian terra scraper down here in Arseville. I was gonna join your group and introduce meself but I can't seem to figure out how to post something . Alas I am an ignorant dodo button eater, maybe it's this new fangled iPad thingy. Help I'm drowning and I can't git up!
    Hello Haggis, I am brand-new to this forum since I recently bought a 2005 DC with a mere 180K on it. reading your posts, I have gotten lots of great info and ideas....thank you!
    Your cover and rack system looks great since I have an autohome Magnolia also. In regard to your access adarac.... I'm having difficulty with which model to get? I have called the manufacturer and customer service said they don't make products for Toyota? Did you substitute a model? Looks like they changed the design a little since you got yours too?
    Any help would be great.
    well spring break is here, i decided to stay closer to home and take my buddies over to mk goddard state park by sandy lake and to do some geocaching in the state gamelands 130, do you know of any nice spots to see in that area or any trails, i know the gamelands has dirt roads, was wondering if there were any two tracks that you know of, thanks in advance
    Mark - I am not ignoring you. This week has been hectic. And I am not sure what I want to do. What I know is, that I do not want to drive 5 hours to do it and I want it to be outside. I want to explore and find interesting things (I liked your description of the slat wood bridges in your last post). I would not mind finding a lake and doing some kayaking. I would not mind some good camping and some good food.

    Before I call you I need to look at the map a little closer. What do you want to do?

    What can be done in the Allegany National Forest area? I noticed there are some dirt roads but not a lot. Do you think it is possible to make a weekend of it there?

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