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  • I don't think so but it's hard to tell. I suppose it should actually increase MPG because the tcase swap will allow you to be in real 2wd instead of always in awd. I did a lot of the modifications in a relatively short time period. I may have only gone thru one tank of gas before I lifted it and put bigger tires on it. The MPG changes were mainly from going up to a larger tire, and then again when I changed axle ratios. I don't think the tcase had much to do with mpg as far as general commuting.
    Thanks for the link! I did not realize until you pointed it out that you were sacrificing your AWD with the upgrade. My intentions are to create a utility vehicle to drive myself and my girlfriend down to South America. We do not intend on using it specifically for overland purposes, just capable and dependable on various road conditions. Thanks for the heads up. I've contacted Herbie to see what he ended up doing. I plan on putting a lift on the car in the next couple of months. Would you mind if I shot you some questions if something comes up?
    Hey T.Low,

    The transfer case on my 2003 Astro needs to be replaced and I figure since I'm going through the effort I might as well upgrade to a 2sp such as yours. I know you had to do some welding in order to fit your S10 transfer case in. My question is how do I know which transfer cases will be compatible? Thanks T.Low.

    I am yet another person who was inspired by your van. I started a thread to discuss the decision for the right vehicle.


    We've decided on the Astro and I just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you. I also wanted to ask a couple of quick questions. 1. What kind of highway gas mileage does you van get with the 4x4 conversion? 2. Did you buy your GTRV new and did have someone install it for you? What was the approximate cost of that mod?

    I've been using autotrader, craigslist, ebay, etc.. to find the right rig to start off on. We're looking for a 2nd generation, AWD, barn doors, low mileage, single owner, and from a warm and salt/moisture free environment as much as possible. Any advice for finding the right rig to convert into a vehicle such as yours. Hopefully I haven't taken too much of your time. Thanks T.Low and I look forward to keeping you up to date about the progress.
    I'm sure you get a lot of questions about your van. I'm just starting to look at these vans myself, and I don't know much about them. I was wondering if you have any insight into which years are better than others, etc. I'm very interested in building a more mild version of what you have, but an all wheel drive van that can go camping off trail.
    Thanks in advance,
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