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For anyone interested in the size difference between 24 3000 and the 5000 model... It's quite a bit... The overall electrical install on Gertrude has changed quite a bit now. More details coming when I do the actual install..


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Got a bit done this past week as I am able to hobble about a bit more on my leg, general water system and getting the framing done. Pic heavy post.

U-shaped sofa completed, a little change of plans with system layout, no batteries etc will live here anymore. Seeing how strong and light these extrusions really are when tightened down is really impressive. I am only using 3030 and M6 fittings.
Kitchen unit also done, just need to secure the 135 degree corner piece somehow, I was originally going to weld it with metal epoxy, but now I might try and find a mechanical solution... any ideas?
Got somewhere with plumbing, manifold is done, I am just waiting for more parts as the boiler and pump fittings are both NSM and BSP threads and the JG 12mm system does not really have the 3/4 options for direct fittings. Also no 1/2 NSM female fittings I could find... I gave the ply a good coat of wax oil, hope this help with mould.. Will be fitted to the tank frame with tapped nuts.
Laminating some 2mm alu sheets to fire treated ply for the electrical mounting, which will all now live in the garage.
Thats about it for now, waiting on new EVE battery cells and lots of other parts, next up will be mounting the Victron stuff and making the cable runs. And the fridge fitted through the door, just mm clearance :D
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Last weekend I mounted up the electrical, not 100% finished and might need to redo the vertical conduit idea.. the 5000VA inverter is a beast, only just fits..

Had be be a little careful using the self taping screws as they produced a lot of shavings getting into all sorts of components.

Some of the mountings were pre-drilled and tapped so I could use bolts:

Istarted programming the new 200A JK BMS, these units are from 8S configs. They have 2A balancing, Victron CAN bus communication and tick quite a few other boxes. Battery build post coming soon, I have 40 EVE cells on the slow boat right now, lets hope it gets through the pirates 🏴‍☠️


Building everything up before mounting has its advantages, but things become cumbersome really quick, I need a better PV isolation solution too, that location is not practical at all.


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Not much in the way of progress last month unfortunately, but we have managed to order some of the needed materials for a summer building holiday we have reserved :) So a full month of building in the pipeline hopefully. Before that I have a list of stuff to finish up:

  • Solar panels roof mounted, Temps are warming up here now above 5C at nightime from next week so will be great to get that done, I also have the 5G antenna to mount and maybe a shinny new 3rd gen starlink, we will see :)
    Mounting hardware and profiles are sorted now too, 5G router and wifi /booster will also support WAN input from starlink, has the ability to loadbalace the connections and provide direct VPN access into the truck network.
    IMG_7454.jpegIMG_7528.jpegScreenshot 2021-12-16 at 21.31.59.png
  • Finish installing the kitchen and seating framing, so far I still have to plan the drawers and buy the kitchen worktop, Thea managed to sneak in a dishwasher and will probably be a good choice and end up saving us water. I have also gotten a hot air/microwave oven for the upper kitchen units, still need the induction hob, ventilator etc:
  • I have order 40 304Ah EVE cells from China, they are the EV grade cells that are matched and come with factory test data, unlike the cells from AliExpress they are direct from EVE intended for the EV market. I also have 3 JK inverter BMS with 2amp active balance, so the plan is to make 3 (24 cells) 8S batteries for a total of 21.888KWh of energy (closer to 24KWh in reality). 24VDC switch and fuse panel has arrived too, boat prices 💸
    WhatsApp Image 2024-02-26 at 09.38.59 (1).jpegIMG_8618.JPGIMG_8328.JPG
  • Design; I still have to come up with final designs for hydronic heating (for now I will install a 24v Espa diesel air heater which will act as a backup in the long run), Entry Stairs, Roof Rack, awning and make improvements to the MC rack. Prob going to take everyones advice on here and simplify the design below:-
    Gertrude Hydronic (1).png
  • Thea has actually ordered our tiles for the bathroom (one wall) and the leather and Norwegian wool for the cushions and reupholstery. Looking forward to see this when it arrives:
Truth be told, we could and should have been working on the truck more, but life happens and we have been trying to enjoy it along the way :D
IMG_9288.jpeg Greetings from Norway! Hope to have better updates within a few months!

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