2001 Minnie Winnie 7.3 Diesel 4x4 RV $33,500

Wife’s first reaction, “it’s old.” Second reaction, “it’s ugly.” I give her a day to think about it, and I tell her I’m going to call and if necessary buy a one way ticket to Orlando tomorrow. She says, “no you’re not, we don’t have anywhere to store it…”

Last night, she said, “we should have bought that.” And I agreed.

Haha :LOL: I'm very familiar with this dialogue !


I’m no super expert so don’t let my comments carry too much weight but I’d add a few more things for those who are navigating similar waters.

1. they are all ugly. But if you are looking for a rare vehicle, you don’t get to choose. Ours had a weird three stooges surf motif and the previous owners changed the graphics to read “Cowabunga!” My wife bought new curtains and throw pillows. It’s going to an upholsterer to get rid of the birdof paradise fabric. Those are all easy changes compared to finding one of these.

2. have your payment plan in place before you contact them. In your case maybe be prepared with the time it’s going to take to convert investments to cash and be up front. In my case, my plan was to go in and say we would complete the title transfer at my bank, where they would get a cashiers check straight from the teller. There were lots of people saying they were interested but I was the only one with a direct plan to securely transfer funds.

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