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What's under the raised portion in the rear?
On my truck, which looks the same as that photo, in the passenger side bin is the bottle jack and lug wrench and on the driver side is an empty bin, where I have a couple of tool rolls.

The difference is above there I have two flip down jump seats, a cloth covered back panel, two seat belts and the rear doors have speakers and cubbies.
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Thanks I was wondering if it was storage, or space that wasn't usable.
You have to put your factory tools somewhere but the storage Toyota provides isn't gonna win any awards for efficiency. It's basically the same thing they've done since the 1980s with XtraCabs and Access Cabs, though. The back of my 2008 is pretty much just what was in my 1991 other than demonstrating 17 years of manufacturing refinement. Less angular steel stamping, better fitment in the plastic molding, etc.
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Hi All,
Does anybody have data on the new Trailhunter bed size, specifically the width?.......The outgoing model has a 56.7 /41.5 (wheel panel) bed width size. Given the wider wheelbase of the 2024 Trailhunter, I'm wondering if the bed will be slightly wider.



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I think Toyota should call it NOT MUCH XTRA CAB.
Obviously done to cater to their accountants. I
shall wait to see if they wise up and add ACCESS CAB
in a few years.


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If I was to buy a new midsize, I'd want the xtra cab. A good space for dogs & gear, and then the longer bed with a short wheelbase. I'm not sure why they decided to not make it available with the TRD off road and up trims. Hdas, the wider wheelbase is just from the offset on the wheels.


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Toyota lost me as a potential customer by removing the access cab doors. I've had Toyota vehicles most of my life. First truck was a 90 xtra cab, then a 99 xtra cab and now an 09 access cab. The doors are a game changer and I would never go back. Aside from that I personally like the 3rd gen aesthetics the best.

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