A few questions on recovery gear


A 2 inch strap, somewhere around 16,000 to 20,000 lbs is going to work very well for you.... I have a 30 foot 7/8 inch kinetic rope that I love, it's a really soft takeup. I also have a procomp 2 inch that also is a nice fairly soft takeup, I also have a cheep smittybuilt 2 inch strap that hits pertty hard, but thats what I'll use for snow stucks when just a pull is required (used it twice tonight on my way to work for cars in the ditch). I also carry a $9 harbor freight tow strap that only gets used for towing because straps get really trashed when towing a car a ways, it doesn't stretch though and I do not use it for recoveries.


Here is the Pro Comp, there are lots of good straps out there for around the $60 mark.
Pro comp 2"x30'

For a kinetic rope, most properly spliced DOUBLE BRAID NYLON rope will work very well. Somewhere around 7/8 to 1 inch.

Don't get anything (rope or strap) shorter than a 30 footer though, you want room between you and the other vehicle, and it gives you more options for where to place your tires for traction.

For shackles I really like these.... http://www.ebay.com/itm/3-4-ALLOY-Clevis-Screw-Pin-Anchor-Shackle-FREE-SHIP-/160989152649?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item257bb38589#ht_177wt_1124


Hey XpeditionTerra, where are you located? If your in the PNW I'd be more than happy to try and get together and show you some recovery options and how they work/safety of use. I'm sure there are others here in other areas who would help you out if your not out here. :)


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Hey XpeditionTerra, where are you located? If your in the PNW I'd be more than happy to try and get together and show you some recovery options and how they work/safety of use. I'm sure there are others here in other areas who would help you out if your not out here. :)

Thanks, I appreciate the offer but I am on the other side of the country.


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My bronco weighs in at 4K lbs. but I don't have anything in my recover kit rated at less than 15k lbs. There's no such thing as "too strong" when it comes to recovery gear. Too bulky, sure. That's where the strap vs. boat anchor chain argument comes in.

If you know a good dealer, you can probably buy some military surplus straps that are a bit cheaper but still plenty strong for what you want. There is nothing wrong with over building a recovery kit. The only real limit is how much you're willing to spend.

As for snatch vs. static lines, it really does depend on what kind of stuck you have and how you can get unstuck.

Scenario 1. You're buddies jeep is trying to make it up over a bolder, but is "stuck". He just can't get traction on the rock face. Solution. Static line and pulls his tires against the rock face, thus giving him traction to drive up it. All your buddy needed was a little extra force acting down on his tires to the rock face, allowing him to pull himself up. While a kinetic line might work for this as well, you can't shorten it if you needed to, like you could with a chain or static line.

Scenario 2. Same jeep, this time, sunk up to the axles in thick, clay mud that just runs back in if you try to shovel out a channel for the tires. Solution: Snatch line that pulls him forward slowly till his tires get up on top again and he drives out. The advantage of a stretching rope is that your buddy can keep his foot on the pedal and try to work himself free and onto solid land again as you're pulling. The kinetic line will be absorbing the sudden shocks as he goes. With a static line, he just sits there and hopes your rig has enough power to dead pull him out.

You'll notice that in both scenarios that the stuck vehicle is helping to pull itself out. If the stuck vehicle can't help itself get unstuck, then its less vehicle recovery and more wreck recovery and you'll want to leave the straps out of it and seek professional and experienced guidance.

Like all skills, it all comes down to knowledge and experience.

Here is what I've got in mine so far. I've got a couple of heavy duty shackles coming in to add to this so its not quite complete, but its enough for now.
1 25 ft. tow strap with hook and loop ends, 1 12 ft. recovery strap with looped ends, 1 6 ft. tree saver, 1 twisted shackle, chain, duck tape, 20 ft. of 3/4 inch rope, and keep it all in a canvas tool bag. Except for the rope, everything is rated at over 8 tons.

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My recommendations would be to put a kit together, something you can throw in the ole Xterra when you go off highway, and know you can get yourself un-stuck. Solid recovery point front and rear, make sure they are not tie down points and are actually recovery points. Also, make sure you have usable places to use the Hi-lift on your vehicle. if you don't, there are several accessory options available so you don't bum up your plastic parts.

Hi-lift Jack and Jack-Mate (48" or 60", 60" will give you more winching length)
Tree Strap
Recovery Strap (2" x 30' minimum) (This is for static recoveries, and straight pulls) (Tow straps have hooks and recovery straps
have loops)
Kinetic Recovery Strap (Bubba Rope, Master-Pull, or Viking all make good rope)(This is for yanking)(Remember, the harder you use
the skinny pedal, the faster parts fly off your rig!)
25' of 3/8 chain with a holding hook (This is for hand winching with a Hi-lift)
Four (4) 3/4 ton shackles (Preferably Crosby, Gunnebo, or equivilant)
Hi-Lift Off Road Kit (This is a great kit, has everything you need to hand winch with a hi-lift except the 25' 3/8 chain)
Hi-Lift off-road base
Bottle Jack & Tools (What came with the truck will work)
Class III Trailer Hitch with shackle bracket (In a pinch you can remove the ball hitch and use the hole and pin to secure your
strap, but not ideal)

And of course a good bag to stow it all in. Below are couple of good articles that Bill Burke wrote. Worth the read


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