I think you’ll need some bigger D ring shackles. ;)

Is your goal self recovery or recovering of others?

For self, your need a 16k+ winch. The general rule of thumb is 1.5x your rigs weight. A good 8k might do it if you’re double lining it, but then you’ll need to get even more complicated if that’s not enough. At least with a 16k, then double line gets you 32k. If 32k won’t do it… then you’re really in trouble.

Those shackles are a 12t, and a 13.5t.

Just trying to be somewhat prepared for whatever....

I am running a 12k winch. Hence, the many snatch blocks.


Death Wobble FIX:
The center mount bolt on the trac bar was worn pretty bad, and the frame holes that that it went through were waller'd out worse than a Rhode Island Red.

So, I drilled the holes out to 5/8'', bought a 5'' Grade 8 bolt and drilled it out for greasing the 3/4'' x 5/8'' x 1 3/4'' inner mount sleeve (not shown) that I BootyFabbed. Put in new bushings, and welded a couple of 5/8'' bore x 1/2'' shaft collars to the frame.
So, instead of just the 2 frame pieces only offering a total of 3/8" of pin support,, it now has 1 3/8".

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The link you posted doesn't work any more. can you post what type of locks you bought? I have a McCoy Miller that I need to replace the locks on. And any tips or advise would be helpful too. Awesome build

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