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The lights do not look to bad on the following picture but Nolden or the new Truck Lite are looking better. That is right.



Hi guys,

I am just trying to figure out my next set of tires and it´s getting thin with the size I am after: 37x12.50R17

Cooper offers the STT in this size and that would have been my choice after running the 315/75R16 now for 200.000km.
But I looked around as I would like to have better snow and ice handling than the STT offer and I am not really keen on hand siping another set of tires in the near future.

I came across the INTERCO TRXUS MT 37x12.50R17 and 38.5x14.50R17


Who has any experience with this manufacturer or even with this tyre?

Just as I continue my search I came across the Nitto Terra Grappler 37X12.50R17. Looks pretty good for snow and gravel roads, too.



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The TrXus is a really nice all around tire. Good at pretty much everything. There were some quality control problem and I'm not sure where that sits right now as they had a big change in manufacturing last year. Iran them for years and was really pleased with them.


Interco tires are well known for their offroad prowess. But are also well known for their poor road manners, and aren't known to do well in snow.

Nitto's have a very good reputation. I have considered running them as well.

I have been running Kanati Mud Hogs for the last couple of years. I read a review of them and decided to try them out. I have run two sets of 35's and LOVE them. Best mud tire I have ever run. I almost couldn't get them stuck. They are also fantastic in snow, much better then the BFG's I had previously been running.

They are releasing a 37x12.50x17 early this year and I plan to try them out as well. We carry them now. If you are interested PM me and I can get you more info and could give you a good deal.

Good luck!


Interco tires are well known for their offroad prowess. But are also well known for their poor road manners, and aren't known to do well in snow.
Is this your own experience or are you just spouting internet wheeling advice? I ran the TrXus for 7 years and well we have this thing called winter and I know others that run them as well. They are quite good in the snow. On the road, they are as well behaved as any other all season.


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The Nitto Terragrapplers will get clogged with mud very very easily. I've never been a fan of them after seeing how their poor performance on several different vehicles


I see we´re getting there ;-)

For the coming year I am not planning to go into any extremely deep or tough mud, but more gravel, heavy offroad with a lot of rocks and quite some snow and ice.
So I need a very good snow/ice tyre which can be well deflated but at the same time has tough sidewalls and can handle gravel and that sort well.

I send both an inquiry today.
Need to sort out transport & shipping for either tyre anyway.

Thanx for your help,



I wheeled with a guy for a couple years that had a set of Trxus tires on an almost identical 4Runner to mine (we were both the same year/model, locked rear, open front, 285/75/16, same lift, shocks, nearly identical weights, different color). I rode with him numerous times but never drove. I was always impressed with them. Good road manners and great performance in the snow. For pressure we ran them down into the single digits in snow and low double digits on everything else and never had a sidewall or bead issue. Good in pretty much anything. I have no first hand experience with the longevity but he ran them for a couple of years. I almost bought a set for myself after wheeling with him so many times but ultimately decided on something else.

As far as Interco, they are a rock solid company who makes great products. Everyone runs Interco out here. When people complain about them usually they forget that Super Swampers and boggers are not made for the street. They will ride poorly compared to an all terrain tire. They will, however, excel offroad. Here in the northeast the Swamper is THE offroad tire for dedicated rigs. Out on a trail ride with the hard/extreme group and you will find swampers 5 to 1 over other tires (made up statistic, but this is my best guess). They do well in our terrain but you have to know the positives and negatives of anything you buy and a lot of people try to find the magic tire that will do 100% of what they need 100% of the time.

I think that the two tires listed are suited for different purposes. Terra grapplers will be better on the street. Trxus will win hands down off road. It all depends on the intended purpose. Swampers work well out here but probably fail miserably in Utah. Trxus is a good all around offroad tire that will see street time. The Terra Grappler is a great street tire that will see dry offroad trails. Define the intended use and you can start to narrow down tread patterns.

Edit: You just defined your use in the last post. Terra Grapplers might be decent. Im running a set of 37x13.5 Toyo Open Countrys. Ive run them in different sizes before and they do well in most situations. Not the best in snow but decent everywhere else. Not great, but decent. Im not familiar with other brands avaialable in that size to suggest. I'm a very big fan of the ******** Cepek FCII but have no first hand experience with sidewall durability, which would be a concern in your planned terrain. They are awesome in the snow.
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Thanx for all that feedback.

I didn´t even think about the ******** Cepek until your post

So this is what´s on the plate now…

Tyre Choice - LR-130CC-R_web1600.jpg

The wheel is sorted as I will stay with the, although heavy, Hutchinson double beadlocks. I am just waiting for another quote at the moment.

With the ******** Cepek FC II now added to the list I am even more undecided and it´s just another tyre which is not readily available in Europe, either ...


How about Mickey Thompson MTZ's They come in a 37x12.5R17 and are available on your side of the pond iirc..
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Flys Lo

I would personally get the Toyo Open Country M/T's.
(I assume you are looking at aggressive tread patterns)


No, actually not.
I am really after a tyre that handles as good as possible on snow and the Toyo as the Mickey Thomson are too close to the Cooper STT, which is crap when it comes to anymore than a spray of water…I wiped mine last winter because it was a nightmare….

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