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I wheeled with a guy for a couple years that had a set of Trxus tires on an almost identical 4Runner to mine (we were both the same year/model, locked rear, open front, 285/75/16, same lift, shocks, nearly identical weights, different color). I rode with him numerous times but never drove. I was always impressed with them. Good road manners and great performance in the snow. For pressure we ran them down into the single digits in snow and low double digits on everything else and never had a sidewall or bead issue. Good in pretty much anything. I have no first hand experience with the longevity but he ran them for a couple of years. I almost bought a set for myself after wheeling with him so many times but ultimately decided on something else.

As far as Interco, they are a rock solid company who makes great products. Everyone runs Interco out here. When people complain about them usually they forget that Super Swampers and boggers are not made for the street. They will ride poorly compared to an all terrain tire. They will, however, excel offroad. Here in the northeast the Swamper is THE offroad tire for dedicated rigs. Out on a trail ride with the hard/extreme group and you will find swampers 5 to 1 over other tires (made up statistic, but this is my best guess). They do well in our terrain but you have to know the positives and negatives of anything you buy and a lot of people try to find the magic tire that will do 100% of what they need 100% of the time.

I think that the two tires listed are suited for different purposes. Terra grapplers will be better on the street. Trxus will win hands down off road. It all depends on the intended purpose. Swampers work well out here but probably fail miserably in Utah. Trxus is a good all around offroad tire that will see street time. The Terra Grappler is a great street tire that will see dry offroad trails. Define the intended use and you can start to narrow down tread patterns.

Edit: You just defined your use in the last post. Terra Grapplers might be decent. Im running a set of 37x13.5 Toyo Open Countrys. Ive run them in different sizes before and they do well in most situations. Not the best in snow but decent everywhere else. Not great, but decent. Im not familiar with other brands avaialable in that size to suggest. I'm a very big fan of the ******** Cepek FCII but have no first hand experience with sidewall durability, which would be a concern in your planned terrain. They are awesome in the snow.

To confirm, Open Country A/T or M/T?


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No, actually not.
I am really after a tyre that handles as good as possible on snow and the Toyo as the Mickey Thomson are too close to the Cooper STT, which is crap when it comes to anymore than a spray of water…I wiped mine last winter because it was a nightmare….
Hi did you try the Coopers fully siped on a professional siping machine? I have used 35" Bfg MT (older type) and Toyo MTs fully siped across the thread. I also had 38" Mickey Thompson MTZ fully siped, and they worked well. The AT type tires work well on finer gravel tracks but when the gravel get courser the MT types excel in my view, I also prefer MTs in snow. Only studs give you grip on wet ice, but siping ATs or MTs helps.


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I just hand wiped them.
There´s no siping machine in Germany or any country nearby that I found :-(
They do siping in many tire shops in Norway. Dont know about availability in Denmark.
I currently live in Bergen, Norway and had too look around and found that several tireshops in my area that do lorry tires have the nesessary machines as many long haul lorry drivers have their tires siped to increase tire longlivety.


Could you find out for me what they would charge to sipe 6x 37"x12.5R17 tires? plus spikes (long truck spikes on the outside)?


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Yes Oilworker Ill talk to the guys that siped the tires Im currently using on my 130 Defender - good old Michelin XZL in 7.5x16. I dont need the same size of tires on my current 130 in Norway that I used on my 110s in Iceland :)
Their siping machine should take 37 and 38 tires but Im not shure if they can sipe only the middle of the tire, but I can ask them about that as well. In Iceland that is very usual i.e. sipe the knobs in the middle and studs on the outer knobs.


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Hi I just talked to the tireshop I used and it was as I thought. Their machine can only sipe accross the thread (fully). It is not the spiral type cutter, but a knife that cuts across the thread, they mainly do lorry tires. Cost is 200NOK per tire, 300 if you inkluding taking off and putting on the car. The lorry studs are 6NOK per piece and you are legally constrained to 115 per tire. For studding you need to add c.a. 100NOK per tire for handling the tire (on/off car).

Arctic Trucks in Drammen Norway, may also be able to help. I have not been at the Norwegian shop but have good experience in dealing with Arctic Trucks Iceland (modified a then new 2006 Nissan Navarra for me to take 35" Toyo MTs) and know one of the owners quite well.
Now when I browse the Norvegain site they say they do siping and/or studs for the tires they sell "Vi tilbyr seiping og / eller pigging av alle de dekkene vi selger". But they will probaly do it as well for one passing by with own tires.

Hope this helps.


Quick question from the workshop.
I have for some time been thinking to remove the head liner and insulate the roof properly from the inside, at the same time gaining some more head room.
Anybody following this thread who´s done it or could recommend material?



I have. I used a closed cell foam insulation layer first and then an open cell vinyl covered foam on top of it. There are a variety of choices. I went to a local shop that builds custom interiors to get the materials. They also have a special spray adhesive designed specifically for foam that is very strong.


FYI, not to sidetrack but my previous info is no longer accurate.

Gigglepin will now be going to the KOH this year, but not in their truck, in a new custom Jimmy's 4x4 buggy.


I know., but thanx.

I made this little photoshop´d images for Jim…..


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