Best privacy tent/shower/toilet enclosure? Best compact "toilet" for WAG bags?


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Wally world folding toilet plus ammo can for used bags. No smells. Joolca is the cream of the crop for a tent. Love mine. These have been my tool of choice in Greater Canyonlands where it's required in most areas and best practice when it's not. Joolca now have a sweet shower pan thing now too so dual use. Tempted by their hot tub now 😂


I ordered the clean waste toilet, I already have the bags. I'm thinking for my next solo overland trip to pack the family 6 person REI tent and use that instead of my 2-person sized ultra-light backpacking tent and also setting up a toilet privy. Until I get to the point where I have the gear to take outdoor showers, I think I can hold off on the privacy shelter. The little extra time and effort for the big tent will be easier than setting up 2 "tents".

I'd love a Springbar tent, but funds are tight right now. Need to pay off the holiday expenses first, so in the meantime the REI basecamp will work with a toilet in the corner. Heck, I might even back my cot along for extra comfort.
We have a OVRLND pop-up camper on our F250. I found this fold up toilet on Amazon and just use a 5 gal bucket with a HD plastic bag under the lid. Other than the bucket taking up space, the toilet folds up into a nice small package that fits in a carry bag. We then use the Tractor supply pelletized bedding for to soak up the urine, has a nice pine smell (and cheap). When someone does a dump we then bag it up. And start all over again...... JeffScreen Shot 2024-01-06 at 8.52.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2024-01-06 at 8.52.27 AM.png


I have a cleanwaste unit myself and like it. Packs small and fits in the Jeep fine. I use a army can to hold the waste bags until I find a place to dispose of them. Seals tight and no smell (I add some deodorizer in there).
For a tent I use one of those popups that fold into a circle. Few guide lines and it is fairly wind resistant. Light and takes zero room in the Jeep. Plus it is camouflaged LOL,
Advantage is I can also use it as a shower tent and have a little bamboo mat.

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