Bison Overland Camper Flatbed POP-Up on Ram 2500


If interested in a new build, email us!

Price Drop!
Hey guys, we are offering our shop rig for sale. Only to build a top secret build...
While we are a new camper company, you’ll find we’ve put a lot of care into our design and construction. Our campers frames are engineer designed and approved. We use the best material we can. I am happy to chat in depth about our campers if your in the market. Our current lead time puts our next build spot at October 2021 completion. However this one is available now. No wait!

Let’s get into some of the details
The Camper:

Bison Overland Camper

-All Aluminum built, framing is 1x2” 1/8” wall 6061.
-Skins are 1/16” thick Aluminum.

Camper weights in empty at 1100lbs.

Footprint is 80x80”


2x2” 1/8” trim all around. Can take a beating.
Matte Green Wrap
Tern Overland Windows, Doors and hatches
Fiamma Awning
L track mounted to rear.

Fabric lined walls and ceiling.
Pre wired solar to roof
LED lighting, 3 12v wire connections on inside. (One on each side wall, one at bed)
Comes with 1- 100ah Dakota Digital Battery wired to Blue Sea fuse panel.


-2015 Ram 2500 Tradesman 6.4l Hemi Auto 4x4 130k miles
-Front suspension is leveled with Power wagon springs and shocks. Added adjustable track bar.
-Rear suspension, stock could, AEV shocks and Air Bags

AEV Salta Gunmetal wheels with 37” Federal Futura Tires. About 2k miles on them.

AEV Snorkel and switch pod.

Hillsboro 2000 series aluminum flatbed with Ute style underbed boxes.

Truck runs drive great, I would take anywhere. Only selling to go longbed and build a top secret camper. lol

If interested DM, call or Text (text or email is best right off)
I’m likely missing a lot of info, I have many more pictures and videos of inside and out. We have pictures and video from the build as well.

With this deal, we have a few options. Our campers are sold as shells, This camper will come equipped with Our Interior kit. Assembled and installed, ready for components to be installed (Fridge, water system, etc.

We can also offer our dealer pricing on any additional options you would be interested in for the buildout. You can see those options on our website, or we can discuss.
Camper Currently has 8kw Diesel Heater installed. The fuel tank and fuel pump is located in the underbed storage. Interior is designed to work with the Isotherm 130 Cruise Elegance.

Priced at $60k

PRICE DROP to $55k

We May Separate and sell camper on its own. Message me and let’s chat.

If interested let’s chat, and see what we can do.
Here’s a video walkaround.

Here’s an interior progress video...


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Insulation? Interior pics?

I have a friend in the market right now for something similar, but needs solid insulation and zero condensation.
I’ve got a video walk around with interior shots I can send if anyone’s interested. It seems to be too large to load any other way.
The body is insulated to R5. The composite roof is insulated much more, i do not know the exact value. Happy to chat with to your friend and send him bunch of pictures and video.


Is the price with the truck? or just the camper?
OK plates? Where in OK are you? I’d love to come check it out.


Officious Intermeddler

So let me get this straight. An FWC full size slide in shell is something like $13,000, but we can get one of your larger framed flatbed shell models for only @ $20k? That sounds pretty darn good! You guys better start hiring cause you’re gonna be getting busy trying to fill the orders coming in this year.

And now it sounds like time for you to become an official Expo Sponsor ? to share the ❤.

Here’s the bison link:


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