DIY Trailer / Roof Top Tent


Yes, I've still been working out details and moving this idea forward. Actually next week should be a big milestone for the project :wings: Sewing of a production prototype and making patterns from it should be done. My plan is to have pictures and additional details available before the end of next week.


Sounds great can not wait to see what you have coming up. I have slowed my trailer rebuild down until I see what you come up with


The project continues to move forward, although a bit slower than I'd hoped. Looks like one more round of small changes and I'll have the first production tent body ready for usage and be ready to have a batch of these made shortly after.

From the prototype, you'll notice the windows have changed. They are much larger, have internal flaps and flapped in a way that they can be partially opened and still keep rain out. The bigger side windows provide enough ventilation that I've removed the window at the foot end of the tent.

The main tent body will be made from a premium grade 10.1 oz Army duck canvas. This is an extremely water resistant fabric that breaths well, is mildew resistance and does not wick if touched when raining.

For the technically inclined, the fabric is a Sunforger boat-shrunk marine-finish duck. This canvas is a double-fill material made up of two yarns twisted together in a durable "one-up, one-down" construction. It has over 100 tough little double-fill threads per square inch, resulting in a very tight uniform weave that is naturally water resistant. For extra insurance against water intrusion, the canvas is double-dipped in a Sunforger silicone treatment. You can't feel this treatment, it's integral to the fabric — not simply applied to the surface. This "dry-finish" treatment is extremely durable, lasting up to decades. It also makes the canvas mildew resistant.
To save weight and because breathability isn't as important here, I'm looking at a high-grade, UV-resistant coated nylon oxford cloth for the changing room.

Still working on costing, but so far it's looking like the lower end of my original estimates. Once I get the first production unit I'll have full detailed photos/info available and folks close to the Salem,OR area will be welcome to come by and see it in person.
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Things are moving a bit slower than planned.

Working with a company that has 50 years+ experience making tents on a project like this is great. The downside is they don't normally take on custom projects like this, so normal production takes priority and I slips in the queue sometimes.

Right now the prototype needs a few small changes and I should have it back for review sometime next week. I'll keep the updates coming as I have additional information.


Slowly but sure, I've been moving forward on this project, working through the details of "getting it right". It's getting very close now, hopefully some rework to the bow pocket over the changing room door is all that is needed.

Here are some current pictures with it on the Explorer Pod trailer I'm building.





Ntsqd, when I'm finished working out the details on what I believe to be a folding style tent unit optimized for Trailer Top applications, then my intention is to have a run of the tent bodies made and initially offer them as a DIY kit.

If there are any folks close enough to Salem for a visit, let me know, I'd be happy to show the protoype off and get feedback.


I'm over on the dry side of the state but do make occasional trips over your way. Regardless, I'll be watching this closely - it's exactly what I've been looking for!


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I volunteer now to be a product tester. Just send the free tent.:wings: Just kidding.

I am going to be watching and waiting for a release date though. This looks like exactly what I want.


Wish I had a few tents available for local "weekend" testers, at this point I only have the one prototype and I'll be keeping it busy.


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I've subscribed. At some point I'll have to replace the TrailBlazer, most likely when the owner's son gets old enough to go camping. This tent looks like the missing piece in my own puzzle.


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Hello all, i've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to join so i could post a suggestion for this thread. If you decide to do one with a larger changing room, say about 4 or 5 feet deeper i want one. I have been thinking about fabing something similar but i want a ground level room big enough to cook in and install a small wood burning stove that vents out thru a stove jack. there are a lot of small stoves on the market that fold down for storage and i think that they would be a great addition to an exped trailer. Think of it as a heated wall tent on wheels.


ntsqd, ah yes, they grow up and we send them into the world with a nice camping trailer.

Digs, interesting idea a rolling wall tent. It's a different vision than I have for a Trailer Tent. I like compact and lightweight. You might look at the Trailer Tent that OlympiaFJ60 has been working with.


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I like the unit OlympiaFJ60 has put together but i was picturing something smaller. Like I said along the lines of your tent with a slightly larger changing room. That way you can leave the stove burning and it will heat the sleeping area.

I have a similar setup for back packing. My hole tent/stove outfit weighs less than 6 pounds.


Sorry, didn't mean to hijack the thread. Just offering food for thought.

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