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A thought that just occurred to me is that my loaner TrailBlazer has access into the trailer's tub either with the tent up or down. I didn't note any mention of this feature, but I think that it should be included.
When down, the whole tent assembly lifts up ala a typical cover for an M101/416 project. When the tent is up there is a trap door under the mattress that also allows access to the contents of the tub.


Thanks for the additional feedback. As I've worked on this project, one thing I'm trying to do is build in as much flexibility as possible.

Digs, with the way the changing room zips on, a larger "custom" one could be made with room for a stove.

ntsqd, as designed the Tent has a complete floor in it, being that the platform is planned to be "DIY", you could build-in a trap door as desired and trim the floor.


Hello all, i've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to join so i could post a suggestion for this thread. If you decide to do one with a larger changing room, say about 4 or 5 feet deeper i want one. I have been thinking about fabing something similar but i want a ground level room big enough to cook in and install a small wood burning stove that vents out thru a stove jack. there are a lot of small stoves on the market that fold down for storage and i think that they would be a great addition to an exped trailer. Think of it as a heated wall tent on wheels.

I was thinking of the same thing..... I want something I can put a stove in so I can take hunting.

Very cool tent I will be keeping my eye on this thread since I will need something soon for my Expo Trailer.

The top of my trailer is going to be about 48" above the ground.


Markgyver, thanks for your trailer height info. As noted, a custom changing room could be made. I've added this to the list of possible features and will give it further thought once I finish shaking down the basic tent setup.


Still following along, had stopped forward progress on my trailer until I saw what you came up with, will restart now and await your final design/product! BUT HURRY!!!!! :victory::wings::smiley_drive:

Doing a great job. I would also like to have a little larger changing/sitting / cooking area for those times when its pouring down the rain or too dang cold:)


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Nice set up Scott, I've seen your stuff develop over the past couple of years (in person I might add) and I am not going to be surprised when you build the finest tent assembly available period. Amazing when a clever person takes the time to test, think about, and build a product how good it can be and it looks to be competitive even when built in the US. Gives me faith my friend!


Glad to hear some positive response.

One item people can easily modify is were the platform hinges, in trailer top applications this would allow you to make one half of the platform your trailer top or lid.

What do you think about the proposed pricing? Would people put in "sweat equity" and be will to purchase at these prices?

I know I'd have been interested just a few weeks ago, if I hadn't almost gotten my little cargo trailer outfitted! I'm not handy enough to fabricate much on my own, but I can read instructions and assemble stuff!


Marc, wow "the finest tent assembly period", thanks for the kind words. I do have a bit of perfectionist in me, if you're not going to do it right, why waste your time doing it at all. It's been a long road that is starting to show the light at the end of the tunnel. I'm personal very excited about the project and it's very rewarding seeing a growing interest from other in it.

SGNellett, it's alway good to know our limitations, although pushing them sometimes don't hurt either.


The perfectionist in me has made this take longer than planned. I've been doing some extra testing and trying to improve the adjustable portion of the bows. It's close, I'll post when I have a firm date on starting a batch.

Here is some addtional info:
- Pricing is working out to be about $800, which includes; tent body, changing room, bow set, hinge set and travel cover.
- Initial changing room will be an open floor style, adjustable for trailer up to 60" tall.
- Main tent body; 56” wide x 84” long, 48” door end bow, 21” foot end bow
- Changing room; 56” wide x 36” deep, 74” entry door bow height, 89” main tent bow height, (based on 44” trailer height)

Fabric details:
The performance and longevity comes from premium grade fabric. The main tent body is made from a 10.1 oz, 100% cotton, Army duck canvas. You might be asking, where is the rainfly? It doesn't need one. This is an extremely water resistant fabric that remaining cool and comfortable in hot humid conditions. It will not wick if touched when raining and is very good at keeping desert dust out making it popular at events like Burning Man.

A 100% cotton fabric is nearly unaffected by sun exposure and will outlast most synthetic fabrics many times over. They provide excellent tear-resistance and long-term durability. When other synthetic fabric expedition tents were getting shredded on a National Geographic Mt. Everest climb at their 21,000' basecamp, it was a cotton canvas tent survived 40 days of pounding without a problem.

For the technically inclined, the fabric is a Sunforger boat-shrunk marine-finish duck. This canvas is a double-fill material made up of two yarns twisted together in a durable "one-up, one-down" construction. It has over 100 tough little double-fill threads per square inch, resulting in a very tight uniform weave that is naturally water resistant. For extra insurance against water intrusion, the canvas is double-dipped in a Sunforger silicone treatment. You can't feel this treatment, it's integral to the fabric — not simply applied to the surface. This "dry-finish" treatment is extremely durable, lasting up to decades. It also makes the canvas mildew resistant.



Whats the closed dimensions of the tent? Do you have yours designed to fold in half when stowed for transport? And this platform is perfect for trailers, like the Eezi Awn Globtrotter, except a third the price. Excellent work sir.



Turner, thanks, yes it is designed around a folding style platform. Closed it is 56" wide and normally 48" long, although you can make the bottom half of the platform up to 54" long depending on the top of your trailer. Note, in the pictures that half of the floor platform acts as a top on my trailer.



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When you say 56"w x 84" long, I'm having a hard time visualizing it. Is the 56" dimension trailer front to rear, making the 84" length the folded OPEN dimension?

Also what do you estimate the weight to be less floor? I ask because I am trying to estimate shipping cost and because I would probably mount it on a rack above the trailer. My trailer stands 41" tall at the bed rails now. I figure that leaves me 18" + or - to build a rack rather than a hinged lid.

How far from production do you think you are? Will these be available for purchase by Spring?


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One more question. Is the changing room made of the same material as the tent body? In the pictures it looks like a lighter material like silnylon.


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