Electric front diff lock for canters now available..


Finally had a bit of offroad time and a few chances to test mine out. Very very happy. Just been down at Pemberton in SW WA, up in the dunes and soft sand there with a few buddies in 4wds. had the tyres out at 17, others were in the 10-14 range. one case where we were trying to climb up off the beach the truck did it first crack where a few of them had upwards of 4 goes. Very soft and cut up with opposing holes that normally will throw the truck violently side to side, lose all grip and momentum, even with the remap. Locker in and she just flew up.
Another spot had a steepish slippery mud hill with a deep rut up the right side and a vertical step climb out of it. Could’ve avoided it but hey where’s the fun in that.. locker in and walked straight up like it wasn’t there. Bloke in the patrol behind me got stuck in the rut and couldn’t get up it, had to go all the way back down and up and around.
So yea, very happy with it :)
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