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I ended up going with 18" wheels as I couldn't find 38" tires I liked for 16" wheels. Running 38" Toyo Open Country MTs currently.



Eric Edwards

I ended up going with 18" wheels as I couldn't find 38" tires I liked for 16" wheels. Running 38" Toyo Open Country MTs currently.



Very cool! Mind if I ask a couple of questions? Did you have any trouble balancing those tires on the Hutchinson's? I've heard some challenges in the past. Also, what front bumper is that? Almost forgot... any dash errors running such big tires?


I don't mind at all, someone tell me if this is against registry etiquette and we need a new thread.

I too have heard about how hard beadlocks are to balance, but have also read somewhere that the key is road force balancing so I didn't even bother with a regular balance, just paid a few bucks extra for the road force balance the first time and it worked great. Had it doing 90mph on the highway yesterday (accidentally, slowed down when I realized) and no wheel hop.

Regarding ESC (electronic stability control) type errors, I had some issues when I was running 35" tires, but now that I have 38" tires I have portal axles on, which have new speed sensor rings that are calibrated to make the computer think I have the stock 31" tires on. Most people that run 34-35" tires find some issues with the ESC system and it's actually quite bad in my opinion, although others think it's no big deal. I "think" 33" is as big as you can do without having the ESP issues unless you have someone reprogram the computer, which is hard to find people to do from what I have heard but since my 35" tires were always meant to be temporary until I got the 38" tires and portal axles on I never dug deep into resolving the issue.


Almost forgot, the bumper is something I picked up from gfg.de but I believe JackWagonOverlanding was also looking into becoming a vendor for them in the US. I can't remember the actual brand.

Unless you want to do some serious work I wouldn't shoot for larger than 33", or if you don't mind being careful with your wheel offset and can deal with the ESP issue, 34". 35" will give you some rubbing. People have gone larger like I have but it involves serious suspension work or portal axles like I am running, notice that my axles don't come out of the center of my wheels if you look closely, they are raised up 5".



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Picked up a 2011 G55 about 2 weeks ago and put it through a light build.

The day I took it home:


Two weeks later:


- 2 in lift (King 2.5 / ORC springs with Fox stabilizer and Eurowise adjustable bars)
- Alpha Equipt Echo 18x9 +25mm in bronze
- Falken Wildpeaks 275/65/18s C rated
- Frontrunner Slimline II rack (already had rack, ordered 3 sets of legs)
- Vision X CG2 4.7 lights
- Trigger 6 shooter accessory controller



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My 2012 G-550 is almost complete. It’s been a five year process and I have loved every minute of it. A special thanks to to the following people for all your advice and help!!
Paul May- Equipt 1
Jack - Jackwagon Overland
Patricia- G-Wagon Accessories
Steve Hayes- Frontrunner
Jim Markel - Redoxx Manufacturing


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