FWC Keystone Full Rebuild Project

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Thanks guys!

I did some more work to the camper the past couple of days.

First, I finished up the cabinet area that covers the water tank and heater. I then sprayed bedliner on the counter top and on top of the area where the Engel Fridge will sit.

I then built the seat bases using some 3/4" ply. I stayed with what I planned for the layout. So, I'll have a dinette area at the front of the camper and a bench seat down the passenger side. Both will turn into beds if I need the extra sleeping area.

I then built the slide out bed portion of the cabover. I used 3/4" Birch ply for the bed itself and faced the front with a 1" x 3" oak plank to strengthen up the front area so it won't bend over time.

I used 1" x 3" Poplar to make the side supports and screwed them into the aluminum frame. It works great and I now have a double sized bed when it is slid out.


And slide out.

I still have a lot of work to do, but it is really starting to feel like a camper!

Next on the list is to make a drawer and the cabinet doors. I also need to cut out some ply for the bottom of all the cushions. I think I can talk my Mom into sewing all the cushion covers (hopefully!). Then I'll sand down and paint all the cabinets and seat bases.

After all that is done, the inside will be near complete and I can work on filling all the little dings to the outside and painting it.

Getting closer and closer to completing this build. Can't wait to get it finished and set on my truck for some camping!



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My Keystone os coming along - thanks for inspiration

Purchased my Keystone new in 1988 and it was loaded. I got a divorce soon after and it has been sitting with little used. I have a 1997 F 250 Ford 4X4 power stroke and I do not have to modify my camper yet. If I like it enough I will save your rebuild and try the same thing for a newer truck.

Thanks for inspiring me.

I will post my camper soon.


Colorado CJ

What type of lifting jacks are you planning on using once you finish your project? The two cable Broofy I use are scary. ,email address is jerryttr@aol.com



I'm not too sure. I have a fork lift, so I might just use that :sombrero:. I'll probably buy another two cable jacks so I can lift from all four corners. I'll have to modify them since they are too short and don't lift the camper high enough to fit on my '05 F350 4x4.

Colorado CJ

Time for another update.

I haven't done a huge amount to the camper yet, I'm waiting on some more work to come in before spending more money on it. As a small business owner, it is either feast or famine.

Anyway, I'm doing what I can do without spending money, that means working on the outside of the camper!

So, I started in on the bondo work to the driver side and back where there were holes poked into the camper from the previous owner. I also removed all the decals (man what a pain!) on the whole camper.

I am also going to be painting all the trim work black as the natural aluminum finish really dates the camper. So after all the bondo work was done and the decals were removed, I prepped the whole camper by wet sanding it with 500 grit wet/dry sandpaper.

After it was dry, I masked off the camper, then went around the camper and sprayed all the bare aluminum with self etching aluminum primer.

After the primer was dry, I went over it with some #00 steel wool, then sprayed the whole camper with automotive primer.

After the primer was dry, I wet sanded it down with some 1000 grit sandpaper. I had some polyurethane paint already on hand in my supplies that matched my truck's color perfectly, so I mixed it up and sprayed it. This isn't the true color as my camera flash ran out of batteries so I used natural light. I didn't bother to color correct the images. The color is the same as my 2005 F350.

Anyway, after work tomorrow, I'm going to mask off all the trim and the stripe areas, then mix up some black polyurethane and spray down the stripes and trim. I also need to sand down the outside of the floor pack and repaint it with some polyamide epoxy.

Then it is back onto the inside and finishing up the cabinet work and chalk painting the cabinetry and seat bases.

It is pretty close to being finished after that. Just need to buy some foam for the seating and sleeping areas and pick out the fabric I want to use for the covers. My sister will be sewing all the cushion covers for me, so that's one less thing I need to do.

Then all I have left is to finish up the inside wiring and it is done!

Colorado CJ

Time for another update.

Today I finished painting the camper sides.

First I had to mask everything off that wouldn't be painted.

I then mixed up some black Acrolon Polyurethane 2 part paint and using a small touchup gun, sprayed all the trim pieces and stripes. I did two coats, first a tack coat then a full coat.

After the paint set up for about a half hour I took off all the masking. After about an hour I started in on applying grey/silver pinstripes to match my truck. I'll have to finish them up tomorrow as the black paint was still a little tacky and I didn't want to mess with the tighter areas when pinstriping.

I think I might add another pinstripe to the tops of the black stripes, do you think I should?

That's it for now.

Tomorrow I'll sand down the exterior of the floor pack and epoxy coat it with some grey polyamide epoxy I have on hand. I'll probably work on cleaning up the roof trim and priming/painting it as well. I'll be painting the roof trim the same black as the other trim and stripes.

Colorado CJ

I was just able to do one thing today to the camper (busy day today). I mixed up some grey epoxy and painted the exterior of the wood floor pack.

I should have some time tomorrow to start in on painting the roof.


Colorado CJ

Today's Update

I finished up painting the outside today. First I masked off everything but the roof and then cleaned up the bare aluminum.

I then sprayed on some self etching aluminum primer and let it dry, then mixed up more 2 part polyurethane paint and sprayed that on.

Popped the top back up and took off the masking.

That's pretty much it for the outside. I still need to clean up the vinyl and repair some spots that are worn through. I'd like to get new vinyl, but that runs close to $700.00 and I'm trying to rebuild this camper on the cheap.

Next week it is back to the inside with finishing up the cabinetry and painting the cabinetry and seat bases. Hopefully when that is finished, I'll have the money to buy some foam and fabric to build all the cushions.

Then a little bit of electrical and it is ready to be mounted to my truck. Can't wait!


Great thread dude! I really dig the style direction you've taken with it. Can't wait to see it finished!

Colorado CJ


Another update.

Today I installed the tiedown points on the four corners of the camper (didn't take any photos of that buy I can). I then installed some 1" high pressure treated boards along the full length of the camper.

I did this because I wanted to have a little clearance between the roof of my truck and the bottom of the cabover section. I also thought it would be good for the camper to not sit directly on the truck bed for drainage reasons.

Then it was time to load it up!

I used the old cable jacks that came with the camper and some 2x4's to shore it up. The jacks were too short to get the camper into the truck by themselves. I then carefully backed my truck under the camper. It would only go about 2/3's back until my tires were hitting the cable jacks, so I lowered them down then slowly picked up the camper and pushed it in the rest of the way with my forktruck.

After I got the camper on the truck just right, I strapped it down with some ratchet straps. I thought about using turnbuckles, but I thought straps might be better. We'll see.

Anyway here are a couple of photos with the camper on the truck.

And one back at home showing the running lights and the backup lights. These backup lights are BRIGHT, hope they don't blind anyone ;)

I'll start in on finishing the inside of the camper in a few days. I figured I could work on the inside of the camper while it was on the truck, I'll be able to get in some camping this way while I finish it.

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