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This page is for present and future owners. Feel free to chime in and include your builds.

We finally got up to check out our Mission Overland Trailer this past week. It is the first of a new series by Mark Badgerow. Nanc and I had hoped to have it down for Expedition West but an unanticipated cataract surgery may preclude that. We do plan on being at all three of Ray Hyland's Overland Rallyes this summer. So if you want to check it out there please look us up.

We worked with Mark to make this trailer the dream rig we have always wanted. We went with the Mission Overland because of Mark's reputation and use of only the best parts. There is no wood anywhere in the build. this is important to us because we live in the PNC and plan on spending time up in BC, AB, and potentially Alaska. I think it has every option we could think of other than AC and TV which we don't need. Probably the biggest innovations are the pop up top, a table with bench seats inside (which collapse and become an integral part of the bed), and rear entry. At the builder's request we will be critiquing the trailer from day one and will include any suggestions for upgrades and additional options.

Future plans include lots of camping and fly fishing throughout the west and hopefully some time on the Sea of Cortez this winter.


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Those trailers are awesome. I can't wait to see my completed Overland Explorer Camp-X and Mark's influence on it. The quality looks top no notch.
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What is the connection between Mark B and Overland Explorer?

I think both are operating in Alberta
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Mark, will you have a trailer Overland Expo West next week? I'm really hoping to see one.
You should check his Instagram. Pictures of every stage of the build process. Really don’t even need to see it in person, since he documented all on Instagram ??


I went to this website and read that they no longer offer these trailer builds. Am I mistaken?

The trailer is impressive but only if the company has the infrastructure to support it


Ok, great. So pricing and product is part of the question. The website looks as if it is geared toward services, camper trailers and modification of other trailers instead of new builds.

On the overland Explorer Website, this is what it states in terms of limited production and discontinuation:

If you provide trailer builds where can that aspect of your product/service be accessed?
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Each unit I build is custom built for each client, an average unit is 28-32k not cheap by any standards, but they are not made of wood either... if you would like to continue the conversation on a unit, shoot me a message and I can get a build sheet to you.

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