My 80 build up thread


OK, I feel I have brought La Mula along and it is well on its way to being an overland /camping, Baja Bound Rig. I think with all the work I've done, and will continue to be doing, I feel It deserves a build up thread.

This is the first rig, I ever used off road, well on moderate to difficult trails that is. I've been taking my suvs off road primarily for surf trips down to baja. I've had other 4 wheel drive suvs (early 90s pathfinder, (proved to be reliable during the time I've had it.) late 90s s10 blazer, (for the most part reliable, except for electrical issues here and there) and a late 90s Jeep Grand Cherokee (nice comfy interior, fast on the throttle) that due to its taste for expensive repairs (including having to replace the engine after 88K miles, led me to look for a Toyota Product and it looks like I will never look back.

Mods done so far since purchasing my unlocked FZJ80 on sept 06, with 114K on the odometer.

• OEM Rear Ladder from MOT in Japan
• Conferr Roof Rack 4'x7', with mounted shovel and hi-lift.
• 3” OME Suspension Lift 850J/863 L shocks (J springs front, HD rears)
• OME Steering Stabilizer
• 295/75/16 Nitto Terra Grapplers AT (Replaced with Pro Comp Extreme 285 MTs.)
• OME Castor Correction Bushings
• Portable Uniden CB Radio wit Lil Wilson Mag Mount Antenna
• Power Points-2 front center console, 2 rear cab
• Dome and Courtesy LEDs
• Slee Transfer Skid Plate
• Low Cost Storage
• Frame to Axle SS brake lines
• (2) Scepter 5 gallon gas cans
• (2) Scepter 5 gallon water cans
• Reduced length of Rear Mud Flaps (good reasons for doing that.)
• Raised Differential breather hoses
• Fire Extinguisher
• 2 Work Utility Lights in Rear
• 4xinnovations custom bolt on sliders
• 2 Fuse Blocks (1 in cab, 1 in engine bay)
• Front Tinted Windows
• Garmin eTrex Vista GPS with Laptop Mount
• HIR Light Bulbs (Highs & Lows Beams)
• Custom Rear Tire Carrier on OEM Bumper
• ARB Bull Bar
• HID Auxiliary Lights on ARB Bumper
• Limb Risers
• SUV Canopy (
• CDL Switch / Pin 7
• Aussie Rear Locker
• HF 10K winch
• Scion 1808 Head Unit with IPOD Aux
• Pioneer speakers front & rear doors
• 12 Volt Fridge
• Dual Battery Set Up
• Discovery Cup Holder

Recovery Gear
  • 10k winch
  • Hi-Lift Jack w Hi-Lift mate
  • 30 ft. recovery strap
  • (2) 3/4" Shackles
  • (2) 1/2" Shackles
  • Tree Strap
  • 20 ft. choker chain

Future Mods
• Snorkel

link to my photobucet mod pics.. Land Cruiser/
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xtfritz said:
What is a CDL pin 7 switch? What is it used for?

"With the center diff lock switch installed, you will be able to engage and disengage the center differential in high range. Now you may ask? Why do I need to do this?

Reasons are: Added traction in high range, limping home in hi-range if a drive shaft has been removed and more. In addition if the PIN 7 Mod is done, you will be able to use the switch to lock and unlock the center diff in low range."

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Very nice clean 80! Looks like yours might not have come with the crappy OEM rack which is a rarity!




hoser said:
Very nice clean 80! Looks like yours might not have come with the crappy OEM rack which is a rarity!

Thank you! nope it did not come with the OEM rack..notice that I had the rack extended on the latest pics..


Required Trail Shots

Crossing a river in rural Jalisco, Mexico not another car around for miles...gotta trust your LC.

Broken Arrow trail


Interior Shot of GPS Laptop Mount Set up


A passenger can actually ride shotgun with little wiggle room...

the mount screws onto the base with a quick release for putting base away when not in use..Front bolt is an 8mm x 1.25 bolt...a bit longer than the oem... other 2 are 1/4" forgot sizes...fastened only to plastic piece...sturdy enough...


Low Cost Storage

One of the first things I did was to make a budget storage compartment, where tools and recovery gear could be stored and kept out of sight. Once again I borrowed from other's ideas and came up with this set up. It works pretty good for now. Nothing too fancy, but does the job. Notice how low key the ax is strapped on the right upright, secured with quick fits.


The storage is covered with Speaker Box carpeting and glued with commercial quality 3M spray glue. The tie dows are a must for strapping cargo gear. At some point I may consider adding a cargo net.


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