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Here are a few photos of my AcuTemp AX56L Mobile Refrigerator/Freezer in my ’93 Land Cruiser. I feel that it is a really nice unit with the only downside being that it is enormous and heavy, but I guess that should be expected when it has its own battery back-up system.
It’s heavy duty (durable Hardigg case). It’s self sufficient (two replaceable batteries that can run the unit for 24hrs). Its self monitoring (PC and palm pilot uploads as well as on board display and audible alarms); it can even tell you how many times the lid was opened by someone. It has the option of a variety of power sources (100-250VAC [50-60 Hz], 12-28VDC input).
It is huge/heavy and it just barely fits in my cruiser, but it does fit. And when I say just fits I mean in the position that I would like it in. It does fit with spare room if just placed in the third row/storage area. But I have four kids so I need to have that last seat in a functional position. The cruisers tailgate and hatch close and the freezer/fridge lid opens fully, so it is totally functional in my desired position. It doesn’t leave much room for all my other equipment so I am glad that I purchased an AO full roof rack last year from Slee.
The AcuTemp came in handy the other day when I had to fix the house freezer. I was able to load the entire contents of the freezer into the AcuTemp until I fix the Frigidaire. That was a great chance to familiarize myself with how the AcuTemp functioned prior to being out in the field.
Anyways, I just wanted to share. Please let me know if you have any questions. :sombrero:











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i think all those features are real cool, combined with the large size and weight make it a perfect trailer outfit in my mind.


Wow - yeah - Thanks! It is good to see some pics to give this thing some scale!

I was really on the fence about getting one of these for my Expedition Trailer, but now I think it would just monopolize too much space.


wow. That thing is a beast! Looks like you can store a good amount of gear next to the fridge in a few cases. The cargo area of your Land Cruiser is quite a bit bigger than my rover. Thanks for posting photos up, nice rig!


It looks like you could remove the actual refrigerator from the ruggedized case with a bit of effort. Or is it too integrated? Since it is kept in the cruiser, it doesn't really need the protection.


I would imagine that you could take it out of the case, there is an internal frame that houses all the components, but it would leave it all exposed more than I would prefer. I could take a photo of the top slightly disassembled. The batteries could be removed and you would have almost 30lbs. savings without them. I have been considering making a modification of adding a second set of batteries to double the self powered time. However, it is such a nice design that I am hesitating to alter anything.


Wow! 142 lbs, thats a big mamma-jamma! The website claims 48 hrs on internal battery power alone.

I also found some of these available at auction...

What does a comparable sized (45-60 L) Engel weigh?

I guess, if you had to set up dual batteries and other electrical charging add-ons, you might get close to the same weight.

Can you recharge this unit with DC/alternator current or is it set-up to only be charged from 110 or 220 AC? Very curious about this unit for the trailer I am building...definitely overkill, but sometimes thats good.
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I have used mine all weekend on a single charge in fridge mode. In freezer mode it will last about a third of that time. I have a 1300w inverter and just use that to recharge the fridge when stationary.

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Reviving an old thread.

So, you have had it for a while, how is it?

Also, If the internal batteries die/are dead/are missing, etc. could you just run it off the 12V cable or does it need its own batteries to function?



Funny you should ask because I am out on a trip right now sitting by the fire with my fridge (well... my fridge is in the truck) and I love it. I have had it on a few trips now and it has worked great!

As far as your battery question, it does not need them hooked up to run the fridge.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


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