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After reading this thread I see the typical LR vs Toyota theme emerge. I just spent a month travelling London, Italy and Greece and I was surprised by how little Toyota product I actually saw. What I did see a lot of was LR (both old and new defender) and....wait for it...Ford. Personally, I really, really like the new Defender and (if/when I can afford it) would get the 90. I just love the proportions and, while I recognize the importance of reliability, I fall in the camp where a vehicle purchase is also an emotional one. It's why we buy hot rods and VW camper vans....the impracticality steps aside to the allure and cool factor. I also feel as more and more LR product sells (not just here in NA but around the world) the brand's reliability reputation will shift and the think-tank of crowd group information availability to source, assess and diagnose issues will grow.

Top Gear's offroad chase trucks went from L322 Range Rovers, to LR3/4, and then to Rangers. Not Hiluxes. So, threes a lot to be said there.


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"Beefier new suspension system, that seems to be hydraulic... we suspect to help increase articulation, remove antiroll bars & reduce high speed body roll etc. 👊🏾

Also shown, high clearance rear quad exhausts, rear orange recovery hoops, possible front grill lights, 33s higher ride hight, roof load. 🔥

Release is eminent and 600hp+"








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Was at Eastnor Castle recently. The instructor mentioned that they had seen quite a few SVX prototypes there, they work hand in hand with the engineering team developing the car. Apparently it employs lots of clever new mechanical and electronic innovations that are different to the regular car, resulting in even more extreme off-road capability. Some of these improvements may flow down to regular models over time.


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"... Defender OCTA will feature V8 Twin Turbo mild-hybrid petrol power and class-leading 6D Dynamics air suspension, enabling extreme performance across all terrains.

Available for the first time on Defender, 6D Dynamics will give Defender OCTA an unparalleled breadth of capability, comfort and composure, whether on-road or off-road.

The hydraulic interlinked 6D Dynamics technology features an innovative pitch and roll control system that will enable Defender OCTA to maintain a near-level stance during acceleration, braking and cornering on-road, while also maximising independent wheel travel and articulation across the most demanding off-road terrain.

Reflecting the vehicle’s luxury credentials, a diamond’s octahedron shape inspires the new OCTA name – diamond being the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth, renowned for its rarity.

A new encircled diamond graphic symbolizes the flagship Defender model. It features on a number of interior and exterior components, including as a gloss black diamond within a machined and sandblasted titanium disc on each Signature Graphic panel. Titanium has also been chosen for its robustness and resilience to the elements in its natural state.

Defender OCTA is undergoing the most exhaustive development regime in Defender history, from the snow and ice of Sweden to Dubai desert, Nürburgring tarmac and Moab rock crawls...."






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MOAH POWAH is great and all, but honestly, I'd prefer it if they released a V8 turbodiesel with 400hp and 600lb-ft+ of torque for this vehicle, with electric turbos. Or even uprate the I-6 D300 with an electric supercharger and electric turbo with the MHEV KERS...

Logically that power in a gas V8 isn't going to make it any better offroad than it already is - even though my male lizard brain wants it.


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"The Land Rover Defender line-up has been shuffled, with the addition of a luxurious new seven-seater, a more potent diesel engine and a new supercharged V8 to replace its petrol straight six.

The revamp comes four years after the launch of the L663-generation Defender and, while not as substantial as a full-blown facelift, ushers in a range of important mechanical and cosmetic tweaks, along with a reorganisation of the trim structure.

The headline change for the updated Defender comes under the bonnet, where the D300 diesel engine has been swapped for the more potent D350 from the Range Rover, boosting outputs by 49bhp and 37lb ft – to 345bhp and 516lb ft – with the result that "everything from overtaking to towing is even more effortless", says JLR. JLR has not revealed any performance figures for the new engine, but no doubt it will improve slightly on the D300's 7.0sec 0-62mph time.

So too has the P400 Ingenium straight-six petrol been replaced by a 419bhp version of JLR's supercharged 5.0-litre V8. Meanwhile, the plug-in hybrid Defender swaps its P400e arrangement for a detuned P300e set-up, though – contrary to information previously given by JLR – still with a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, rather than the three-pot used by the Evoque and Discovery Sport.

The changes have been made in order to make the Defender compliant with Euro 6e emissions legislation, so no doubt the petrol straight six will soon also be retired from the Discovery, Range Rover and Range Rover Sport line-ups. ..."


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So...somehow, a V8 is more emissions compliant than a MHEV straight-6???

What bizarro world are we living in?

Wish we could get the D350 here in the US. That would get me to replace my D5 Td6 with a Defender. Those numbers are ideal for a mid-sized SUV built for offroading and long-distance travel.

But...a V8 Defender as the middle that might be interesting...wonder if they'll bring that V8 to the US in the Disco or just keep the lame PHEV.

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