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Christian P.

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Enrique is going to send you a release form regarding the footage of videos. It's a standard form that authorize him of taking videos of the team that protects us from being sued by your grand-grand children in 2075 when they discover the 10 minute documentary of the last 20 surviving teams.


Seriously though, I am hoping we end up with a great documentary we can use to recap the event and promote it for next year, should we do it again.

Thank you!


So jealous sounds like an awesome trip. Just need to win the lotto for next years event, surely some other ancient race has predicted the end of the world next year

Christian P.

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glad to hear that - if you stop by the office in Prescott make sure to thank Kelsey, she's the one who mailed it all out!


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Hi Christian, I'm new to this site, but been around expedition travel for some time now. Used to do the Border to Border trips back in the day.

I just heard about this maya rally and its really peaking my interest. My only hesitation is that, I can only take off the week of the 17th from work and I'm coming all the way from the north east US. I could probably leave on the 14th the earliest...are there anyone else leaving late? I'm really chomping at the bit here, but I think another group that I can hook up with in crossing the border would seal the deal for me... Any ideas?

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Here's the t-shirts for those of you who want them.. We have received some requests but feel free to speak up again just in's x-large and large in tan or black.. And women's large and medium in black only (wife says its slimming)..;)) .. Women's cut is slight v-neck women's style..if you want your team number in the box just let me know... We are doing ours in a glow in the dark paint.. Pretty cool..


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Finally got a response from spot.. They are giving us 5 of the spot gps messenger tracker or the spot connect free with one years subscription.. Here is the response later from them.. Let me know if anyone wants one..

Hello Shayne-

Thank you for completing the SPOT Brand Ambassador Form. We have thoroughly reviewed your request and responded to you as promptly as possible. We feel you are offering a unique opportunity to showcase SPOT. Therefore, chose to present you an exclusive offer from SPOT.

These exclusive SPOT offers includes the following purchase options:
· SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, including 1 year of service and tracking for $99.99
· SPOT Connect, which pairs with you smart phone, including 1 year service, tracking and 500 messages for $149.99

Your order form is attached. Once your form is completed, you will need to send it to Tom Babb via fax at 985.335.1790 or email to

We hope this exclusive offer is able to assist you with your expedition.

Again thank you for thinking of SPOT, good of luck with all your futures endeavors and please keep us updated with your progress.

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(o) 985.335.1580
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