Onboard washer/dryer... worth it?


We've been living in our truck for almost 3 years now without washing machine and never regretted not having one (storage space is valuable in small spaces). Laundromats are aplenty everywhere and for small items we have large folding sink in the bathroom. :)
Sometimes an overlanding friend with a washing machine can help too!


Do you wash your laundry by hand at home? why would you want to do it while on holidays.
We do ours (in a machine) when we are coming up to a town because we know we will be able to refill the tanks.
Do your washing at home by hand in a bucket for a week and see for your self if you think it is worth making room for one.


We are leaving space and hook ups for a washer/dryer. Eventually we will get one.

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If am not mistaken some European machines are washer and dryer all in same tub. Also less water cause the tub sloshes thru a pond of soap/rinse water at bottom of tube instead of filling whole tub as traditional ones sold in north America. So save space AND uses less water. Oh and Jean companies do not reccomend washing jeans to often. They reccomend Freezing them. Wonder if this would work with other types of material?



I have read that the ducted combo units work a lot better. My plan is to run water, drain, vent, etc... to a cabinet that I will use as storage until I get a washer. I may never buy one, but I will have the hook-ups for it.

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Should, or Could...

Some disapprove of the whole concept, and they should certainly not allow themselves such a luxury. For those "on the fence", understand that it is a luxury intensive of power, water, and space... but depending on your own personal priorities it can be a very practical luxury. Other peoples priorities can be quite informative to your own but their approval, and what they consider "needful", is not ultimately important to you (because you are weighing your own priorities).

In my own research, for our full-time living (retirement) overlanding vehicle, I can offer that no physical or practical barriers exist. It is on my "long list", and designed into some of our concepts; the option of modern compact washer/dryers, located interior or in exterior spaces of a vehicle not much larger than a Sprinter van conversion. It has definitely the possibility of making it to a short-list luxury item. But there should be little surprise that our current camping/overlanding vehicle (a Jeep JKU) is not so equipped ;-)

As an example, some concrete information (a couple of years old), on a very compact unit:

View attachment Appliances - W:D Combo Ariston - ARWDF 129 S NA (63064).pdf


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Family of 4, our two kids are under 3. If I didnt have the washer, I would always be looking for a laundrette! Bought mine used for £30, In the first month of travel it paid for itself.

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