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Thanks for the response mk216V! I placed a "?" after the model number because I have forgotten it. But in searching for Guido in Germany the first article that popped up reported:
" These 461-series [Swiss Army s urplus}Puch Gs date from 1989 to 1996, and they're part of an updated continuation run of the first-generation truck that Mercedes kept up... they have already aged out of America's 25-year import restriction on new cars and are now legal for any stateside buyer willing to pay up and deal with the hassle of physically getting it over here."

I bought the vehicle last November in Germany, where it is now in a converter's shop getting some camping gear and an auxiliary-tank added. I plan to drive it around eastern Europe, Southern Europe and North Africa before shipping it home to the States.

I'll be returning to Germany soon and will try to contact Guido when I get there. Do you per chance have contact info for him? He hasn't turned up in my searches yet. Thanks again.

W461s would be available to import based on 25yrs, but AFAIK there was something else about W461s (vs W460s or 463s) that prevented them from being imported. I'll have to ask Guido about what I was confused about, and get his best contact info for you.

Tell us more about your W461's history. Have any pics to share?


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Mk216V, I bought a 1996 230GE with about 11,000 documented miles. The Swiss Army used it as a command car with computers in the back. Every year the Swiss government requires a smog test, even on military vehicles, so I got documentation showing every year's emmissions-test results as well as documenting the 500 or so miles that the G was driven each year.
The Swiss maintenance is impeccable and other than oxidized paint on the outside, and a few scratches on the cargo floor inside, the vehicle looks almost new. Runs and drives like almost-new too, but it is kind of a dog with the 2.3L 4-cylinder. It has an auto trans (better for rock crawling, factory A/C and a factory Espar heater that uses gas from the fuel tank to heat the vehicle while camping.
I plan to cut-off the factory metal high-top and install a lower profile pop-top, so I can stand up in the back when camping in it. And I'll install G-style windows on the side with the gun locker. I'll leave the driver side as is, and mount my Max-trax where the side windows are on a standard 4-door
YouTube has quite a collection of videos showing these 25-yr plus surplus G's that have been imported to the US. And I personally know someone who has imported two. My goal was to find an old one that was as close to new condition as possible. It wasn't cheap, but compared to a new North American version it was! And I don't want all the electric accessories that are standard on the NA versions. Simple is better and I don't want power windows and other things that might break while off-road overlanding.
The top two photos show my actual vehicle. The third photo is an inspiration for what mine will look like (similar) after I am done prepping it for US and international expeditions. I need to get Guido's contact info for lower-ratio ring and pinions though to run the larger tires!


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Der Chef der Fahrzeuge
You're right, EMC is restoring Wolf W461 2dr soft tops. It must have been so long ago I was looking at trying to import a W461 and at the time it wasn't possible (ie not 25yrs yet).

Cool you're getting a Kastenwagen! I look forward to following your build.

I've asked Guido for his best contact info; still waiting to hear back.

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