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Here's 99 chevy suburban LT 1500

Rough county 6" lift, custom front/rear bumpers full 3/8" steel, stock 5.7, overhauled 4L60 trans, auto trac transfer case, 35" A/T tires on black 16x8, stock leather interior with 3rd row seat, portable 12k winch for front/rear mount.


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Is there no one else that has a newer Suburban?

Mine is a 2wd, but doing a LONG trip this summer.. east coast to Alaska!

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Can't think of a better vehicle for a road trip like that. Especially since it looks like gas prices will stay relatively lower this year than in previous years.
As for the reasons we don't have many GMT-900 or K2XX Suburbans here, an expensive truck like a Suburban has to move "down market" a bit before people really start getting them dirty. You don't see too many built-up LC200s or Lexus GX-460's for the same reason. ;)
Here's my Dirty 'Burb hooked up to our T@B Clamshell "Livia" for the first time.


I have owned several Suburbans: 1988, 1995(6.5l), 1996, 1999, 2004, 2 x 2010.

The first 2010, we took on a 15000km trip from Ontario to Vancouver Island Bc and then down Wa, Or, CA, Nevada, Utah, CO and then across prairies back to Ontario.. We've slept in the back and carried all sorts of gear. Lots of great memories. During this trip the truck had a 21cf Yakima box on the roof, 2 heavy mountain bikes on a hitch rack and lots of gear. We still averaged 12l/100 kms (approx 21.5 mpg)

Now living in Alberta, We have a newer 2010 and a 25ft trailer which we will be taking to Utah in Sept2016.

The trucks have always been stock, like many i have many ideas on modifications however they always seem to get bumped down the list of priorities!

I like my creature comforts and each time i got a newer model i liked it more and more and couldnt be happier with my current 2010.. All have been k1500 including the 95 with 6.5l TD.. At times i would like a k2500 but i dont think i really need it and the only ones i can find for sale have cloth buckets or bench seat.


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Here's our 2004 2500. We have had it for a year and absolutely love it. Basically stock at the moment and sitting on 285's. It has the G80 and 4.10's along with the 6.0. I have 5100's ordered for it and it's getting setup with onboard air shortly as well. Plans this summer are to add a custom rear bumper with spare tire swing out. A selectable locker for the rear, possibly front eventually as well. It is being used as our family travel rig to get off the beaten path and do base camping trips with our camper as well. Love the flexibility of the platform.



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This is how she sits today! Looking to add a drawer system in the back for the dogs to ride on and still have storage in the back.

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Forgot to mention... I'm looking for a leveling kit for this 2wd burban... any ideas?

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Just picked this up last night. Yukon XL 2500, 6.0, 285/70-17 on H2's.


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