SOLD: 2017 Tacoma TRD OR with Extras + GoFastCamper


***SOLD*** Meet “Neely,” built steely and super clean. Designed and done with my own brain and hands. I am a professionally licensed mechanical engineer.

Neely is ready for work and play, on and off road. This 2017 TRD Off Road includes a locking rear diff and Toyota’s flagship Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select technologies. She is outfitted with a GoFastCamper on 6 foot bed, providing tons of room for securely storing your tools and toys. In the engine bay, a dual batteries setup with smart isolation is ready to help keep your cool pops frozen, re-charge your cameras, and brighten up your evening camp. Connect to the house battery in both the cab and the camper. Enjoy the comforts of heated seats, keyless entry, push button start, defrosting side mirrors, built in navigation, and auto lock tailgate. Enjoy the safety of blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, and back up sensors.

I have added a bit of extra steel while keeping the total vehicle weight below 4900 lbs: aftermarket skid plates protecting the front and transmission, front bumper with hidden Warn winch and bull bar, extended length stainless brake hoses, adjustable UCAs, higher payload leaf springs. Many more upgrades… a complete list is included below.

I bought her brand new when I had just finished my doctorate in Tennessee and was making a new start at Western dreams in Utah. I have taken excellent care of this rig, both mechanically and aesthetically! Garage parked for 5 years, driveway parked for the past one year. For 5 years I had rock sliders with filler plates protecting the rockers, so the body paint is also in excellent condition from the filler plates catching the gravel and dirt. Rock sliders not included (already sold).

Located in Salt Lake City.
$41,000 Or Best Offer.
Selling because the family is growing from 3 to 4. Open to trades for a 4 door truck without a GFC, ideally a newer GM half ton EcoTec V8.

  • 2017 Tacoma TRD Off Road with $8500 in Upgrade Parts
  • GoFastCamper V2 with many nice extras (
  • 86,400 miles. Single owner. Toyota packages included: Navigation, Technology, Premium (heated seats), Tow.
  • Fluids were replaced 14,000 miles ago (differentials, T-case, and transmission)
  • Tires and front brake pads were replaced 10,000 miles ago
  • Spark plugs were replaced at 20,000 miles ago
  • GFC build spot #998. Includes locks on the tent cam latches. Tent side doors. Glass windows. Mantis claw ladder. Two roof bars, beefy 3” x 1.5” solid aluminum extrusion. Interior lighting connected to the house battery. I taped and caulked underneath all three bed rail tops, to mitigate water and dust ingress. Added tailgate bulb seals.
  • Camper mattresses and covers and the tent fabric are like new. I have only camped a few times total in it, not at all since the mattress upgrade (+1" memory foam).
  • Approx curb weight 4840 lbs as built. GVWR 5600 lbs.
  • Height 6 ft 10.5 in with cross bars on the camper platform and with the bed empty
  • I get 19-20 MPG cruising around conservatively at 5000 ft elevation
Upgrades to the truck:
  • ARB OME suspension swap: 3’’ front 2’’ rear lift. 886 coil, 90000 shock. Dakar leaf pack medium, rebuilt 4 months ago. New hardware with leaf pack rebuild. Fresh lube on PU bushings and extended length heads on the center pins to add a shim for correcting Toyota’s driver side lean.
  • Stainless steel extended length flex brake lines, front +1’’ and rear +4’’
  • SPC Light Racing upper control arms adjustable, 2 years old
  • U-bolt flip kit with plate kickouts to accept airbags (I just never did set up with airbags)
  • Wheeler’s Offroad Superbumps, front and rear
  • 4runner Trail aluminum alloy 17’’ wheels
  • BFG KO2 All Terrains - Class C for smoother ride quality and better gas mileage
  • Full size spare: matching Trail wheel with BFG KO2
  • ATH bed corner stiffener brackets
  • Mobtown Offroad IFS skid
  • Mobtown Offroad trans mid skid
  • SSO slimline hybrid front bumper
  • Warn winch VR-10 with synthetic rope
  • 300Amp MRBF protection on the winch
  • SDHQ battery terminal upgrade
  • Tailgate auto lock Pop-N-Lock
  • Dual battery kit that uses Off Grid Engineering aluminum welded trays
  • Two Northstar AGM35 starter and house batteries, same battery for matched impedance while charging. AGM is best choice for inside engine bay.
  • BlueSea Systems ACR 7622 with manual control override
  • Three sockets 12V in the bed, connected to house battery
  • One added 12V socket in the cab, connected to house battery
  • Alternator set to charge AGM batteries at 14.5 Vdc for longer battery life
  • OVTune engine tuning, 87 Octane
It would be a simple project to add solar if you so desired. The house battery is in the engine bay. It's an AGM battery, as is the starter battery. So, just pick a solar panel charger that lets you adjust the setpoint voltage to AGM mode (typically 14.5 Vdc). Plugs in the bed are hot always, connected to the house battery. The roof rack is conventional 15 series t-slotted extrusion, so there are plenty of hardware options to mount solar panels to the platform cross bars. You could mount the charger in a cleanly hidden way behind the wind fairing. I left some extra length of material to the fairing mount brackets, to accommodate future electrical mounting. After mounting a solar charger, run one pair of power wires, straight down to the box frame, passenger side, and then horizontally forward toward the engine bay.

There is also the DC to AC inverter 400W that many TRD Tacomas come with from the factory. I have used that to grind coffee beans and to make fresh pesto sauce.

Related product links:"_SS_Extended_Length_Rear_Brake_Lines_(PAIR)_-_05__Tacoma_-_HSO24RBL.html






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Clearance height is only 6'10", even lower without the 15 series T-slot cross bars. This rig can easily fit inside most garages and parking garages!


am in southern Az…interested
Sent you a PM. I am willing to travel a day's drive to help make a deal happen.

How much are you asking?
I moved the price off the thread title when I realized any revisions there to price would alter this listing's URL, and I have the build cross-listed on other forums.

@Jack Mac How do I get my Tacoma build featured on the Classifieds home page?

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Sent you a PM. I am willing to travel a day's drive to help make a deal happen.

I moved the price off the thread title when I realized any revisions there to price would alter this listing's URL, and I have the build cross-listed on other forums.

@Jack Mac How do I get my Tacoma build featured on the Classifieds home page?

Hey I've actually already scheduled this in our system. Nice truck!


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Fantastic build.

GLWS. If I didn't just put a bunch of money into the front of my 2013, I'd be seriously considering buying this.

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