SOLD - An Earthroamer-like 4x4 NitroGear F450 Superduty RV


SOLD - Fresh off a reputable action sports tour that would make us all jealous, this indestructible Ford F450 Xplorer Xcursion Motorhome features a Cummins 6.7L swap and a custom interior that sleeps up to six people.


Need a go-anywhere adventure mobile, but don’t want to spend a half-million on an EarthRoamer? Tired of cities and need to get offgrid for a while? Have a big family and want to raise your children with a strong sense of the wild?

This 28ft long, 11ft tall, 8.5ft wide NitroGear-rebuilt camper is extraordinarily capable of accessing and sustaining in the most remote areas, limited only by its size and access to solar. Nearly all camping in this vehicle has been off-grid and self-contained, extensively used in the winter at ski area parking lots and remote backcountry locations. It is easy to drive with incredible handling and a surprising turning radius. It speeds comfortably down the highway, handles better than my Toyota Tacoma, and turns tighter than an f250. It can fit in a single parking space if backed in over the curb. With a slide-out, rear bedroom, and cabover bed, there is tons of space for a family of 4 or more.

The truck has 91k miles, the Cummins swap was done at 40k miles. The entire camper has been updated and remodeled. New cooktop, cabinet hardware, LVP flooring, RealSlate veneer tiles, LED lighting, sunbrella outdoor rated upholstery, Corian countertop and table by Goose Gear, deep stainless steel sink and faucet (full interior updgrade: $16k). The exterior vinyl wrap was executed by CW Wraps features prominent mountains in Washington and Oregon. The wrap is 2 years old with cracking in black on the corners. Bedliner along bottom for rock chop protection. ($10k for both)

+ NEW DualCommercial deep cycle batteries ($1000),
+ NEW Dual Truck Batteries ($600)
+ NEW Exterior LEDs throughout ($100)
+ NEW Ford Raptor Grille ($300)
+ NEW Furrion Backup Camera ($800)
+ NEW Kwikee Power Steps ($1,275)
+ 400w of solar panels
+ 12v Norcold fridge
+ 22 Gallon LPG Propane tank
+ LPG water heater, with hydronic Heat exchanger to heat while driving
+ LPG Furnace with ducting throughout
+ LPG Onan 5k Generator
+ New Low profile AC unit, with ducting throughout
+ Heated Shower,
+ Natures Head Composing Toilet with grey water connection,
+ 2 Steel sinks
+ Queen overcab, Queen rear w/ Memory Foam Topper,
+ Slide-out dinette/office converts to additional bed,
+ Sleeps 4-7 comfortably (2 couples, 3 children),
+ 100 Gallons of insulated and heated fresh water
+ 12v water heater pad functions as winter bed heater
+ 3x 20 gallon Diesel fuel tanks for a 600+ Mile range.
+ Best mpg over 500+ miles at 13.8 MPG, average 11-12, or 9-10 towing.
+ 17,000 lbs Loaded and wet
+ 2 Scheelmann Vario Leather Heated Seats with armrests and custom sliding brackets. ($6k)
+ Alpine Stereo head unit w/ bluetooth in camper,
+ Sony Stereo head unit w/ bluetooth in cab,
+ Aftermarket speakers, amp, and subwoofer ($3k)

Engine: 2008 Cummins 6.7L, Dynomite Diesel compoundTwin Turbo, conversion done by Diesel Conversion Specialists in Kalispell, MT. New Headstuds, banks intercooler, mishimoto aluminum radiator, Edge gauges, SCT & EFI Live programming (50k miles on conversion, done engine has similar mileage, $30k+)
+ Dynomite Diesel 50hp injectors $4k (only 3k miles)
+ NEW Mishimoto Radiator
+ NEW Waterpump, Thermostat, Turbo Clamps, Hydroboost,

Transmission: ATS Stage 3 w/ Billet convertor @35k miles ($5700)

2005+ coil sprung F550 Frontend “fatboy” 10 lug Dana Super 60 swapped in for better ride, wider track, tighter turning radius. Stock coils w/ 2″ leveling spacer and airbags. 12k lb rear OE leaf packs with assist airbags custom solid 1″ block bolted into leaf pack. Radflo 2.5″ diameter custom valved Shocks custom built and valved. Icon Armored truck spec panhard bar. ($12k) *Radflo Shocks freshly rebuilt

05+ F350 Redhead Steering box with F550 pitman arm,
+NEW PSC 10″ Hydraulic assist Ram ($2k)
+NEW Brake Pads

Super Dana 60 front, Dana S110 rear. Nitro Gear 5.38 Ring & Pinions, Nitro Xtreme diff cover, Eaton E-locker front and Truetrac Rear, rear hubs swapped to 10 lug to match front. Warn manual locking front hubs. ($7k)

Bushwacker Cutout fender flares, ASFIR Modular bumper, Milemarker 15K winch, Masterpull synthetic line, Factor 55 Pro Link, 2007 Grille, headlight update (mirrors soon). ($6k)
Hazzard Fabworks custom rear bumper and body chop for better departure angle ($5k)

5x Buckstop 20×11″ heavy duty single wheels with Goodyear G275 MSA 335/80r20 (41″) Miltary Tires, 4x Centramatic Wheel balancers, The Goodyear tires run for 45k+ miles, far more than the Continental’s that only last 15k. ($9k)

To be very clear, this is a HOUSE attached to a Ford f450, then juiced up for overland domination. It will require maintenance and a savy operator. With that said, I I recommend considering the following future updates:
+ Exterior Vinyl Wrap Removal or refresh in next 24 months
+ New Front Coils, Remove airbags (trying to do this asap)
+ At 94K, Transmission Fluid & Filter, Front & Rear Differential Fluid, and Oil Change

Located in beautiful Hood River, OR - will consider drop off for return airfare.
Available for auction on EBAY or contact me for a BUY NOW PRICE: $165k


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There's a few photos on their linked gallery, where it says it's priced at $165k.

Here it appears to be an auction, not a straight for sale ad.

There's a build thread here on Expo


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There's a few photos on their linked gallery, where it says it's priced at $165k.

Here it appears to be an auction, not a straight for sale ad.

There's a build thread here on Expo
The thread you are referring to is not the same vehicle for sale that is in this post…


I have dozens of photos and a gallery site.

@ReluctantTraveler - The blue text is called a "link". As folks have mentioned, with a simple google search dozens of publications, writeups, and a video tour will result. But I'm not going to cater to looky-loos and trolls - that's why I built a website.

The price went up because I put a lot of money into improving it in a short amount of time. As a one-of-a-kind overland house-tank, many folks would tell you, it was undervalued the first go around and the market may have dropped, but Earthroamers have not. They are still pretty sought after if you have the money. This is for the folks that aren't flithy rich but wealthy with intention and a desire to adventure more or work remotely.


Given this is a notification of an eBay auction, this ad is therefore posted in the wrong forum. This is the “for sale” classified section.
Agreed. Thanks for calling that out. I posted in a hurry and wanted to give the community where I found it first dibs.


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Been checking this out this morning a bit - few questions that might come up - or maybe I missed it

- why are you recommending a future diff swap, given that it came from a diff specialist as previous owner?
- where is the spare located and how does the owner go about swapping it in
- and this is a no DEF diesel or not?

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