Suzuki Jimny "Expedition" Build


Wuntenn: Yep! :) the slide out goes right out against the door in it's most open position so the door will not be able to move at all. The slides are rated to something like 120 kg so they will hold and the cabinet sides are strong enough as well so I think out would be a little overkill to put more support in. :)

Herbie: Thank you! Now I know what people here on expo means when they say t-nut. :)


nice build up on the Jimny.

Looking at your last photo with the back door open, this is an idea that might be good. A drop down table on the door.

The fridge slides out above the table and the support cable on the side close to the fridge is a loop that goes over a button and can be detached to slide the fridge out all the way.


Table is held up with boat bungee loops.
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Here we go again. :)

Thanks guys! If you like my ideas, just copy away! :)

I got the slideout finished and installed.


Fitted the front



And as always I got an idea. :) Too bad ideas always gives more job. :)

The idea was, I would like a voltmeter to see how the charge in the batteries are. But not two gauges... So the solution was this. :)


A gauge and a two way switch so I can choose the starter battery or the aux battery. :) The red push button is for amplifier startup.


And I'm putting it here.


So this is the layout. And there is still room for more ideas. :)


Not completely finished yet. I'm going to spraypaint it black and hopefully it will look good. :)


So I got it painted and installed.



And it's alive! :)


To bad the push button for the amplifier startup was broken, always closed, so my relay memory circuit didn't work... So the function was like not having a relay at all... I made a memory circuit so to start the amp I had to push the red button to make a relay close and stay closed until turning the radio off. To start the amp again push the button. :) I have made it before and know it works as long as the push button works. :) So I have to try to find a new one that fits in the same hole.

To make things worse the amp was broken too...
It was an old one so it's not as bad as it was annoying and I have another one that I have put into the car today.



Don't know where to start but I've been busy by some of the four letter words, Work, Life and acually Love :wings: Too bad I built this for solo trips but I do own a tent as well so me and my girlfriend will have to use that when going on trips. :)

I've always thought the Jimny had the handling like a moose who got clipped by an 18 wheeler. But I got the tip of getting caster correction bushes from a place in Britain that has more or less specialized in Suzuki Jimnys so I did and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! :D


Sorry Wuntenn but I will not go with your awning solution, will come back for this later. I had an old tent that I disassembled for parts, I have a friend who will do some combined mosquito net/rain cover for the front doors. So I can have the windows rolled down without getting pets and water in when sleeping. They are not finished yet so no pics. :)
To get back to the awning I now had two tent poles left after cutting the tent up and with a tarp I came up with this.




I don't remember if I have said that I want to get a roofrack fabbed up but I do. Problem is that I'm going on a one week vacation in a week and need a rack... My woodworking skills came to mind and I made a rack out of plywood :D
Yes I know it's far from the best material but as long as it holds up for the vacation I'm happy. :D



After four layers of paint it actually looks like a roofrack. :D :D


All that is left to make before my camping trip now is the mosquito thingies and some sun protection/curtains. The wireing is done, looks like a bomb went off so no pics here either but it's on my to do/to tidy up list.

Cheers K-Robin


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no doubt, you are very creative :)

what holds the table from going sideways ?

about the caster correction you've made - there's a dedicated kit for this in several online shops to purchase, i'd recommend investing in this as a whole product and not relying on self modifications, as this is a sensitive part... my 2 cents...

enjoy the vacation.


Thank you!
Nothing that holds it from swinging but when I tested it it worked well.
About the bushings, I bought them from the british online shop. Would never build them myself, as you said they are a to important part. :)


Back again!

Well I have been for a week but havn't been able to update yet. :)

So I did the maiden voyage (interior wise) to the west of Sweden, 500 km away from home and about 30 km from the west coast.
Decided to sleep at a campsite the hole week to test the build and for the conveinience of having toilets, showers and electricity. Did some trips, not by car everyday though due to the hassle of breaking camp every time. I looked at old industrial sites, went fishing and canoeing, found some old WW2 bunkers (I was camping about 500 meters from the Norwegian boarder), visited an old closed small amusement park and just drove around exploring any small road I could find. :)

Quite happy with the spot I got. :)



After getting everything sorted it was dinner time and the kitchen worked well, maybe a little high to work on but ok. :)


And after dinner some rum. :D


You could think I'v already gotten some rum inside me but this pic will not turn the right way.

An amusement park deserted since -97 or -98, not completely sure.




For some reason I'm not allowed to upload the photos taken by camera just by my phone :(

A fishless fishing trip. :)



If someone knows how to turn the pics in the forum please let me know. They are the right way in my computer. :/


And some more pics. :)


WW2 road blocks/tank blocks


The old bunker I found :D



Still no luck in turning them...


Some views from a hike I did.



To conclude the trip. Weather could have been better but it is summer in Sweden. Can't be sunny all the time. :) The build... Works brilliant for a night or two but not for a week. It's spacey enough to sleep in but dressing/undressing is a bit cramped and climbing into and out of bed is a bit of a gymnastic exercise (from the driver seat). So I have already started thinking of version 2.0 which I will start on at earliest this winter. :) Will use the Jimny as it is this summer. Since my new girlfriend want to come along on the trips there will have to be a solution for sleeping space for two later on. Guessing RTT :)


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great pics! looks like you had lots of fun.

not sure if this is allowed under your DOT regulations but making a flip-pac on top of the Jimny could be an interesting project. it's a one way ticket though and should be carefully designed.
alternatively, just put a tent on top of the jimny with external entrance and that's it.

come to think of it, you can also extend the existing bed with a part that will be pulled out of the jimny like a drawer, and then just take care of covering the sides and top, with some foldable legs to keep the weight.

in any case - good luck and keep us posted :)


Love the roofrack - eco-friendly and recyclable! And it looks like you had a good trip in the forest - nice countryside. Nice to see the trangia getting a workout too!

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