Tacoma Dual Battery Set-Up


I've had a couple of questions about the Armor Tech dual battery tray and the IBS system and my electrical system. I've promised pictures, so here they are. If anyone is considering the battery tray or the IBS system, I highly recommend them both. Kevin does great work, and I haven't had any problems with either.

Dual Battery Tray:
Battery Front.jpg
You can see how tight it fits where the stock battery sits. Very good use of space. Dual Optima 34s.

From the side:
Battery Side.jpg
You can see the IBS system behind the battery in this picture. Also, the fuse block with the waterproof top is off (10 fused circuits, five relays in the box).

Fuse block without the top from above (Don't judge me for my lack of used circuits! I've got big plans but little money.)
Fuse Box.jpg

IBS and fuses from the side (with the waterproof top back on):
IBS:Fuse Side.jpg

IBS monitor. I didn't love where I'd seen these placed in other rigs, and I live in a pretty urban area and park on the street, so I wanted as few things in the cab to intrigue prying eyes as possible. Just stuck on with 3M adhesive. Works great. If I want to check the batteries or link them, just flip the top and press the buttons. I can see it pretty easily from the drivers seat.

I also have some outlets using the stock inverter with the 400w anytime mod. All of the in-cab outlets run off the starter battery.

Front Cab Outlet.jpg
Sits pretty far back. You don't notice this unless you're really looking for it.

Rear Cab Outlets.jpg

I've got three 12v outlets in the bed from the house battery. Again, I wanted this to look as clean as possible, so they're inside the cubby next to the stock 110v outlet. I also wanted them to be as water and dustproof as possible, so I've got marine grade outlets that are housed in a 4x4x4 PVC junction box from Home Depot, which is then screwed into the back of the cubby. Works great. It's not 100% sealed, but it's pretty good. Two of the outlets are switched and one is constant hot for the fridge I would eventually like to get (I'll also probably replace the constant hot outlet when I get the fridge with something burlier like a Hella plug).

Rear Cubby Closed.jpg
Rear Cubby Open.jpg
Rear Cubby Detail.jpg

Let me know if anyone wants more detailed pictures of anything. Thanks for looking.


nice install... for your battery positive terminals, will you be covering them?.... i have the same military clamps... and having a real fun time trying to find a cover that will fit.
So far no luck...the ones I have do not fit...ugh.
So I have taped them to semi-protect against shorts.


Nice looking install. I'm in the planning stages of the same. Still debating spending the big $$ for the ATO tray when I've found 3 others for under $100.
I'll be watching this thread for any updates or banter that I might benefit from.

Thanks for posting your progress. I'm impressed with all of your ports.


Installations like this just scream "good looking" and well thought out.

Intended to be constructive comment: It may be the camera angle, but take a look at the distance from the battery hold-down plate and the positive terminals, including the terminals. Might think of a way to get some more distance.

I really like the rear box and the three receptacles as well as the "Stealth" 110 receptacle in the front corner of the console. If you are going to use one of the three for the fridge, please explain why you want the remaining two switched as opposed to one hot and one switched. Maybe I mis-read the post.



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I have a similar setup in my 4runner. After a lot of searching, I got my military battery covers and the crimper I needed from Remy Battery.



The only problem I have had is that a couple times the IBS control unit has needed to be unplugged and replugged in to reset it. This is a pain because I also have mine mounted in the center console. I have to take the arm rest apart to unplug and replug the control unit.

Here is a link to pictures of my setup. http://rhino4runnersuspension.shutterfly.com/pictures/1191
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Hey guys,

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for the kind words and for the links to the terminal covers. I can't take credit for the clean install, though. That's Kevin's handiwork. I've got lots of electrical experience, but I'm afraid I've become too specialized in letting the smoke out of things.

jeffjeeptj: That's a good call about the distance between the terminal and the battery plate. I'll have to check it. As far as having one hot and one switched outlet in the back, other than a fridge, I can't think of something that I would need a hot outlet for. But, I may be forgetting something obvious. So far, I've only used them to run some goal0 lights and hooking up an inverter for AC power without drawing on the starter battery while in camp.


Nice clean installation! What did you use for the 120V outlets in the cab? I'm wanting to do the same thing myself.

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