Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup 64 SWB Missing


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Dear TLC Owners:

I need help!!

I have a 1964 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45 SWB truck missing (stolen)

It was stored in a garage on a farm in Merrill, Michigan ( 10 miles West of Saginaw, Michigan) for years and was last seen in the summer/fall of 2009.

I went to go pick it up yesterday to finally begin the restoration project I was going to do with my son and it is gone.

The truck did not run or have an operable engine. Wheels were locked up, tires were flat, and would have had to have been dragged out of the garage and put on a trailer for transport.

Distinguishing items on the truck:

Was painted Baby Blue
Has an old Missouri license plate on it: MS5 234
Saginaw Steering set up installed with extra metal work on top of the frame in front
Newer style front turn signal lights
Later model doors from 66-74
75 and newer windshield frame with wiper motor on the bottom
Later model hood
Driver side front fender has a homemade PVC Snorkel installed by hood latch & TLC emblem
Short box pick up bed has Downey fender flares installed
Roll bar in bed but not installed
It was missing the Heater blower assembly under the hood
Newer style front differential ( with disc brakes, I think)
Bed box had two old tranny transfer cases, a front differential, misc. body & spare parts.

Neighbors say it may have been "given" or "taken" by a local kid who inquired about it to the land owner, who is the older uncle of the friend of mine that allowed me to store it in the garage on the non-used ol farm.

Police have been called but I just want the truck back, no questions asked.

If anyone has seen or heard of this truck please contact me.

Thank you for your help.

Mark Gradowski


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Assuming that the Cruiser was registered by its new "owner," I would think that a search of DMV records by VIN would find the vehicle. If you don't know the VIN, you can probably retrieve it using the old license plate number.

If the person who took the truck is a local, posting a notice in the local newspapers or at the local high school might turn up someone who has seen the vehicle during the restoration process. Offering a reward for information would probably help.

Good luck in your search.


Did you post this on IH8MUD as well? If not, I would recommend that. A SWB FJ45 will get noticed, so I bet it will turn up. I assume you have a title for it to prove ownership? Good luck. I hope it was just a misunderstanding and not thieves.

Edit: just saw your post on MUD too.
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Keep on looking guys it is out there somewhere

Thanks to all that have posted my missing FJ45 on other sites, I appreciate the help!! I too have posted it on various other sites but the more places it is out there with your help maybe someone will have seen it.

I do have a valid Title as well as the original bill of sale, the Police and the Michigan Secretary of State have been notified and it is in the LEIN system so lets hope something comes of it that way.



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Just a little tickle in the back of my brain: Wasn't there a post on here about a year ago about somebody seeing an old FJ in a yard somewhere in MI? There were even photos and it was blue. Could it be the same one?


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I have seen that truck and it is not mine. It was a newer long bed with a Chevy in it and yes it was blue.

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