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What are you going to use it for and how much work will be commissioned to Chris?
We live Kali and worry about the eco cult war against diesel, therefore lean towards option 2. Chris did a full build on our 2010 5.4 E250 RB. It exceeds all of our expectations. Fuel mileage is only soft spot.
Barn door rub is likely an easy fix.

I want to say tons of overlanding...but really its probably driving to week end trips. We have 4 kids. So it will be mainly a passenger rig for hauling kids all over the place. Trips, etc.


I'd go with Van#2 first. Because it is newer, all the things that can fail from time should be less likely to be close to failure. More importantly, based on how many Econolines Chris has worked on, I consider him to be a subject matter expert and he has stated before that his favorite drive train for the E-series vans is the V10. At the end of the day, both vans sound like gems and excellent candidates for ujoint treatment. Best of luck with you decision.


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OK Ujoint followers…I don’t want to derail this thread from all the goodies that Chris posts…I just need some opinions. I am having a hard time deciding on which van I should have Chris / Justin convert for me…need some opinions as I obviously can’t formulate my own! Maybe both someday..so which one first?

Van #1 (red) - 1996 RB 7.3 Diesel - 45k miles. Almost like new interior / exterior. Minor diesel problems. Eats batteries, cold start issues, has perpetual very minor leaking.

Van #2 (white) - 2010 RB v10 - 39k miles - Really good condition (prob not quite as good as the 96 if I am being honest). Needs some minor gutter rust cleaned up. Barn doors seem to rub a bit. Dash is great, everything else seems great.

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Build the gasser. Easy :) Old dash in the 96 and the diesel will continue to be a PITA. They all are lol.


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Back to the image issue....

Tried to upload a few today, they're too large from my phone and I don't want to take the steps to re size and then send to my computer and then upload.... yada yada yada.

So as of now I probably won't be posting much here, if you want to see what is happening please follow us on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook!


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Even though the pics will disappear in a few days.... The [HOONIGAN] build has begun! Day 2 is today, excited to have our stuff in front of millions of eyes that don't know we exist! Ck out our IG and FB pages for more info/updates.




At the approval of @ujoint / Chris, OG spec van will be on the market again soon...includes new rear locker and GFC Go Lite RTT!

If you know, you know!

Will do a special price prelisting for forum members on limited time only ;) PM if interested.


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