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  • Good day sir, are you guys heading out to the expo in Arizona in may? I am. One of these days I'll swing by with my rig to show y'all. I came in about 1.5 months ago and talked to you. You had just finished the guy in the wheelchair's van. It was sweet. I'm also headed up to the expo in Washington state too. Gimme some stickers or promo stuff and I'll hand em out fer ya! Dan, be well.
    Hey Chris.
    Just had some work done to my van, and there seems to e some questionable items and charges on my bill... The more I look into things the more my stomach churns...
    Can you tell me what a plenum hose and clamp kit are and what it should cost?
    And a HPOP replacement, what should that cost?

    Thanks in advance
    Chris I dont suppose you could make a paper template of the end pieces out of paper of your wood cabinet (behind driver seat one ) and mail them to me along with the other dimension specs? I will gladly pay for the cost of the mailing... Thomas
    Chris, I ran into a guy today with an ol Sportsmobile. Australian guy. He mentioned he had driven up to meet you and talk about adding one of you setups to his 1998 e350. He's in AZ now. Now I cant find the guy's info. Do you know his name on the portal?

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