Use of Memory Clear and Diag Check for ECU Errors instead of MUT/OBD


Nice bit of detective work! Good job!
I’m not near my workshop manual so can’t look for myself but where is the tensioner located? Usually I expect to find it on a long chain run but I can’t see it in the pictures.
Hey Pete,

How is your truck going???
Anything to report on it?

Hi, so sorry for the late reply.
Many thanks for asking, wish I had good news......
I have only been doing short runs, however today I travelled 180 miles and all was good until approximately 56 miles into my journey and we are back to, in and out of safe mode again, absolutely gutted...........Well over £2700 now spent on this with so called experts and I believe the safe mode issue is unrepairable! Everything electronic has been replaced with new parts (genuine) and also injectors and anything mechanical replaced, wiring done and it still goes into safe mode willie nillie.
The engine is in perfect order and I am seriously now considering selling the engine and gearbox and fitting a completely different engine with an auto transmission from old school as this has now got so frustrating and a nuisance on the road to other road users especially as it can go into safe mode right when you don't wont it too, hills, passing other lorries. The power virtually reduces it to 65bhp and when you are nearly 5000kg up it's not good.
Just one more last ditch effort and that is to have a safe mode deleted from the ECU which I will be making inquiries about tomorrow. If it can be done I will try this??
Cheers Pete
Nice bit of detective work! Good job!
I’m not near my workshop manual so can’t look for myself but where is the tensioner located? Usually I expect to find it on a long chain run but I can’t see it in the pictures.

Hi westyss,
Again sorry for the late reply, I had been waiting until I had a long journey before reporting back with any news, however it isn't good :(
I have a picture of where the timing chain tensioner is on the 4m42OAT engine is. An easy swap, we just unbolted it and pulled the tensioner out of the location and fitted the new one.
The bottom picture shows it's position better.

20210601_213302 (Medium).jpg

20210601_213232 (Medium).jpg


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Met a guy in Hot Springs, SD with a 95 FE. He had been having a transmission limp mode and nobody , including factory technician could diagnose it. He found two inline fuses behind the dash feeding the ECM which had failed and caused his problem. Said the fuses were not shown in wiring diagram. Fuses were behind the fuse panel on the right side of dash in his 95 US model. Have no idea if such an issue could be causing your limp mode but I considered it worth mentioning since it was driving him nuts until he happened upon those fuses.
Oh that is not good news at all .

I have just got back from nearly 2000mls of collecting vehicles for myself and friends in the lorry and in and out of safe mode when it feels like it, no pattern, no reason. At one point, left home and got 3 miles and it went into safe mode and stayed in safe mode until we had driven for nearly 3hour, came out of safe mode and was fine until we got to Scotland and it went back into safe mode. Collected my car, drove in and out of safe mode for an hour then it drove perfectly from Newcastle to Peterborough and then went back into safe mode. Three journey's to Scotland, same roads, same miles, only the last journey it went into safe mode only twice from North Berwick to Newark. So you can see it is so intermittent it drives one mad. It'll also come out of safe mode either while driving at 50mph or if I let it idle or stop and switch off for a few seconds, then it can be good for anything from a few minutes or hours of driving. It'll also most likely go into safe mode in slow traffic or between the revs of 1000 to 2000rpm never above or below.
I did take both ECU's (the original and other I bought) to have the delete program looked at. This isn't possible on this model before 2006 so drew a blank there. However the chap checked both ECU's again and found the same fault on both, Cam Timing Sensor fault, low voltage. As everything is brand new in the electronics department he said there will be an earth fault or wiring issue as he has worked on these many many times and most had wiring faults in the loom. The whole loom needs to be checked properly with load testing etc other than the previous tests with continuity.
But at £100 an hour charge!! Another 50 quid on top of the £2750 odd spent so far for the additional ECU tests which have been done once before......It is starting to look like this could be unrepairable.
Kerry has mentioned an in line fuse which I will check for, though if it were a blown fuse it would be in limp mode all the time?
I have however got one more plan and that is to track down a wiring loom diagram and a complete wiring loom for my model and replace it all.
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Can you not run one new wire from the cam sensor to the ECM connector at the ecm?

Thanks Kerry.
I could if I knew which colour wires they were. I have tried numerous dealers for some form of wiring diagrams but they are unable to find anything at all.
The sensor is inside the pump and the plug going to the pump has about 30 pins, one of which will be the timing sensor wire. At the other end, the ECU there is even more pins. I am going to remove the engine bay wiring loom which part of goes to the pump and ask the auto electrician if he can load test it without it being fitted to the lorry.
Unfortunately this will now have to wait as I am due an operation in 2 days time and will be out of commission for a couple of months :rolleyes:
It has been a little while since I last posted with this EML issue, I contacted one of the recommended on here contacts and I have finally got a complete wiring diagram for the Canter. Having a quick look through I have discovered that there is a speed sensor on the rear of the gearbox. Tracing back the wires I noticed that the original plugs have been changed to spade and a bullet connection, toughing these joiners made one fall out and was blue with corrosion. I have replaced both the connections and cleaned up the wires, actually I cut the wires back to the clean wires. That is about as far as I have got. Next will be a test drive but with this being such and intermittent problem it can be anything from a 20 minute drive to a 3 hour drive. I am really hoping that this made be the problem solve, but who knows.
I did notice the air cleaner housing was sitting on a very strange angle, a quick look and I saw the rubber mounts had come apart. 3 tiny mounts totalled 144euros ? Luckily I will only need 2 mounts and not 3 so a saving of 40euros ?

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