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Oz Saltwater crocs can grow pretty big. They have been recorded to 7m (23ft) long and weighing 1 ton (2,200lbs).
This one came to within a few meters of where we were camped.
A year earlier they shot a mob of feral donkeys near here. A week later, a croc walked inland from the ocean for a kilometer, got himself a whole donkey and dragged it through the scrub back to the ocean.
They live in both salt and fresh water.
Not to be messed with.
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This is a Mertens Water Monitor.
They are typically very nervous and disappear quickly.
Maybe being in the water made a difference?
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This is a Thorny Devil.
Quite common in the desert and quite friendly, despite the appearance.
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That is some poor photoshop attempt.
Actually it’s not (unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to know how to do that 😁)….its actually a blurry old snapshot from 2015 trip of the flat life size sign at Waterton International Peace Park in Southeast Alberta, posted by the wardens along the road alerting hikers about being bear aware as you head up to Crandall Lake! IMG_3542.jpeg
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From Florida, the most beautiful state in the continental US;

This is an anhinga, otherwise known as the snake bird (long neck, yah). They're incredibly effective underwater swimmers, using their wings to ‘paddle’ but after a dive or two, they’ve got to sit in the sun and spread out those feathered fins to dry them as they await their next dive to hunt for a meal.
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From Florida, the most beautiful state in the continental US;

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I have to agree with you about Florida being the most beautiful state! There is truly no other scenery quite like it. The rich history and busy wildlife assortment against it's humid landscape is something to behold. I've always been a huge fan of Florida's long history and how it's shaped the delicate ecosystems here, and I find it fascinating.


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This perhaps could also be in the “found in the woods” photo thread…because I did, find this in the woods. Hiking along the Ochlocknee River in Florida on one of our last visits (it’s where I should be today, dang it).

Fortunately I spotted this tiny little fella before trodding on it 😬. Notice how this toad has a stripe on its back mimicking the long leaf pine needles it lives in. Great camo! I found several other ones and they all had the same pattern.


Did I say tiny little? Yup…here’s a shot for perspective:


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