1997 Pajero Evolution (Old Betsy VII)


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Getting close now...
Arrived at my importers shop today and now awaiting inspection. If all goes well then I hope to pick it up on the weekend! (It's only 2 hours away from me now). I think it's gonna be a long week. And it's already Tuesday!



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Inspection went very well. No deficiencies at all. The only issue it had noted was a squealing fanbelt. I'll replace it of course but maybe I'll tighten the bracket for the two hour drive home. I'm now fully registered, have insurance, just need to drive up tomorrow night after work and get it! I've never seen a Paj-Evo in person, so this will be my first! So excited!

Seems only appropriate to take the gen3 to pick it up since it was partially responsible for this happening in the first place. LOL. Today, however, the gen3 surrendered her OLBETSY plate. She's still Betsy 6, but I think she understands. And my wife will drive the gen3 home. Heheh.


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She's home, and fabulous. Better than I hoped. I will probably continue this thread to chronicle the "build". Although it won't be a build so much as just maintaining it... I don't think there's much I can do to improve what mitsu's finest did back in the day, beyond some modern conveniences...?


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So upon getting her home, the first job was to fix the squealing belts. I picked up the three accessory belts and then installed them, after checking for normal tensioner/pulley operation.

I then gave her a good once over. Underneath, everything looks really good. No rust, susp is in good order, and frame was prof coated, and looks great. I did find a very small sign of oil which I eventually traced to the back of the RHS valve cover gasket. It's minor enough that there is no pooling on the skids, or actual drips below the truck. I'll keep an eye, but I won't be worrying about this till I pull the covers down the road.

Then I cleaned the engine compartment a bit, and did my first mod - swapped the stock battery for a yellowtop.


The hood is going to need some attention. The plastic intake insert has some pretty significant peeling of both paint and clear. Also some paint fade behind the intake.

There are three skids underneath, none dented, which I pulled to change the oil: Wix filter, synthetic 10W30. That'll do it for now.

The next job is to figure out a way to get the locking lugnuts off, which I don't have a key for. We are going to try to weld a key using a socker and some nails... 
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Sweet ride. Be sure to check all of the ball joints as well. The rear on the Evos is IRS and the upper control arms are no longer available so if the joints are bad you will have to have them machined and new ones pressed in. I found a Moog part number that will supposedly work but I can't locate it at the moment. Other than that just be prepared to pay at the pump- they are thirsty little buggers.

Roommate's '97 Evo; converted to left hand drive although they did a good job on it. The factory wheels are stacked behind the house and the push bar is off another Mitsubishi.



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Would love that Moog part number!

First two tanks: 14.5L/100km in mixed city/hwy driving.

Been having fun with this rig -

-installed a new double DIN head unit, with bluetooth.
-Got those pesky locking lugs off through creative use of airplane rivets and a hammer, along with a 21mm thin wall socket (these were tuner style lugs with scalloped faces)
-Fitted cheapie mudflaps to preserve the paint on her wide hips ;)


-Buffed the hood with some rubbing compound then waxed. Not perfect, but no longer flat grey.
2016-03-04 15.27.56.jpg
-Was able to program a factory remote (took a chance on an ebay unit that I suspected might work) so now i can lock and unlock doors with a button! Wooooo....
2016-03-08 17.56.42.jpg
-fitted my Saris Freedom spare bike rack, and took bikes to the trail head.
2016-03-12 15.17.15.jpg

(not sure why pics sometimes rotate on me? Orientation was fine when I uploaded...)
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Nice Evo! There was one running around here in Lloyd for a couple years. Didn't realize what it was till i looked it up one day. Would love to get my hands on a Pajero one day...but an Evo..well that is a dream that probably will never occur.


Hey OP, any updates? Those of us in US won't likely see one of these for another 6 years or so (25 year import rule)


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Sorry this update has taken so long. Been distracted with another project, and just enjoying this rig for what it is...

Swapped the interior lights (dome and doors) to cheapie LED bayonet style bulbs.

Drove it a bit this summer, mostly for shuttling mountain bikes to the trailhead. Entered a few car shows, and won "BEST CLASSIC" at the Calgary Mitsu Owner's Day. LOL.


Didn't do much else to her except oil changes. I was able to find some spares, miraculously, through a buddy in the Yukon (long story), so now I have a replacement foglight for the one with the cracked lense, and a set of five GENUINE OZ factory wheels! Haven't actually gotten them shipped yet, but should have them in time for summer. Also have plans for timing belt/water pump, etc, come spring.

Otherwise? Enjoying her in all weather!



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She's waiting for the salt to leave the roads at this point.

I did do a few things lately:

I have the factory wheels now. The fifth needs to be straightened and I'm trying to decide if I should have them all refinished or not. Otherwise, still gathering bits for timing belt etc.

And, I managed to figure out a Roofrack for it. The short wheelbase second gen doesn't have drop rails like the LWB, so racking it is difficult. I bought a set of Frontier bars (Thule's value brand) and did some bending, filing, and adjusting, and managed to get them to fit. The problem is mainly the rear bar. With no door to open, there's nothing to wrap the clamp around unless you know about the window drain under the rubber molding. There are two drains, but the rear most one is too close to the bat wings, so I used the second one. It required careful use of a heat gun in order to keep from damaging the rubber, but now I have a rack, which means I can carry my rooftop tent and awning for the big road trip this summer to California for the Mitsu Owners Day at corporate HQ.
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Any updates?

This is sparkem from the wire. I'm all out of ECB bumpers.

LOL. So am I. I told my buddy who bought my last Paj that he's not allowed to sell the bullbar with the truck. It has to come back to me. He says he's never ever selling. ;)

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