1997 Pajero Evolution (Old Betsy VII)


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Finally found my dream machine two days ago after a long time looking. If you're on our FB montero group this will be a repeat for you... sorry about that. But for others...

I only have a couple of crappy auction pics so far, but some details... basically the deficiencies it has, of which there don't seem to be many beyond normal wear and tear. I bought this 97 paj-evo with 140k kms, auction grade 4, in Japan, so now I have a month or two till it gets shipped back to Canada. I think there are around 5 of these in Canada at this point. According to a source at Mitsu Japan, 2500 were built in 97-98 and released over three years, 97-99. Mine is build number 581.

download (1).jpg

I need to see more pics before I know what it needs, but my plans going forward mainly involve maintenance. This thing was built right from the factory so that's the condition I'd like to put it back to...
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Saw it on the FB group. So sick! It could use a little bit of adhesive horsepower, IMO :cool:



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Thanks for the props fellas. Its an auto - I've seen a single 5 speed in all the time I've been watching for one, and it ultimately sold for stacks of cash. I did bid on it, but my bid was significantly lower than what it fetched. :( I'll have to suffer with the 5 speed tiptronic version. Pretty sure I'll be able to manage...
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Those are awesome, Best of luck with it. In the unlikely event that I find myself in possession of too much money I think I will buy one as a toy. The intake is near enough to the drivers window that you'll always have it cracked open to get the lovely roar


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I got a boatload more pics before it left Japan. It is now off the coast of WA somewhere, stopping briefly in Tacoma before landing in New Westminster, near Vancouver, BC. I'm hoping to have it trucked inland over the Rockies to me before the end of the month. Here are a few better pics...




I've also started collecting some bits for it as well. As much as I thought about rocking the cassette deck, I bought a bluetooth double DIN pioneer unit, with the updated APPradio. Also have an Optima YellowTop in the wings, as well as a Saris Freedom Spare tire bike rack waiting to go on. Excited about this one, since its the only spare rack I've seen that uses trays instead of hanging the bikes. Still need to get the fat trays to hold my fat-tired Lefty. Have some blue mudflaps coming, and a new "Pajero" metal badge for the rear door handle.

I've also decided to throw on my Gen3 six spoke wheels, with some Toyo Open Country AT's in 265-75 R16. They are the closest thing I've seen to the OE Paj-Evo wheels, which mine don't have. This will be a small upsize from what would've been stock: 265-70's. The 18" wheels that it has on right now, as fancy as they are, aren't going to suit the truck, for what I'm imagining. I might try them on the gen3, which rarely ventures off the pavement.

Otherwise, its going to be maintenance parts for a while, once I get an actual eyes-on the rig.

Shouldn't be too much longer. :smiley_drive:

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