2014 4Runner TE "Momma Bear" Build


Figured I would go ahead and start a thread for the new family addition; a 2014 4Runner Trail Edition for the wife (aka Momma Bear).


We originally went to buy an FJ Cruiser and after test driving 4 of them decided to try out the 4Runner... that's all it took. For just a few bucks more we found there were a lot more bang for the buck in the 4Runner. Not to mention the rear seat access for putting our one year old into the car seat was much more convenient. The 4-wheel drive amenities with the traction control, rear locker, crawl control, and terrain selection is what sold us since this is going to be used on the New Mexico back-roads quite often.
The goal here is a mild build with focus on quality of components since they are for functionality, not looks. We're not wanting a rock crawler but something that can handle the rough dry river crossings from time to time without dragging the underbelly.

The current plan of attack is as follows:

Lift Kit (+/- 3" that improves or maintains factory ride)
Wheels and Tires (Something the wife likes with BFG KM2's)
Skid Plates
Roof Rack

I plan on building a portable skid for my twin ARB compressor so it can bounce between the FJ45 and the 4Runner depending on what we want to drive.
Same thing goes for the future ARB freezer.

Looking for suggestions on quality lifts that will handle a mild extra weight of front bumper, roof rack, camping supplies, etc. Leaning toward ICON or OME at this point but there's not a lot of info out there for the 5th gens.
Definitely looks good. It has that innocent virgin look. Now time to dress her up, get her out there to meet the guys and get her dirty.


Nice platform! If I were in the market for a new 4x4 this is exactly what I'd get. For now I'll stick with my fj. Happy building.


Thanks for the compliments!

I think I've narrowed the lift down to an OME after a lot of research on this and other forums. I really wanted to justify the ICON setup but with two projects now my budget is starting to dictate what's viable.

The only thing I need to determine now is if I want to go with the medium or light format... will the medium be too stiff until I get a front bumper and some gear put in the back? Or if I go light; will the future weight be too much and cause sag? Thoughts?



Scratch that last post... I'm all about tuning, adjustability, and rebuildability. (is that a word?) And since we will be in this vehicle for the long haul with gradually changing vehicle weight from a staged build; I decided to go with the Icon stage 2 kit:


I don't think extended brake lines will be needed with a 2-3" lift since I haven't seen much discussion on the topic in the build threads. Can someone confirm?

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Good to know. Thanks for the input!

Working on a method to make the ARB dual compressor rig portable from one vehicle to another now...


Momma Bear got to break in the new 4Runner today with the Guadalupe Off-Road club. First trail was 100' visibility with steady drizzle and 500' drop offs. Found the skid plates a few times which made me look forward to the new lift even more. Seems I'm going to need some sliders before long as well. Can't say how impressed I was with the traction control and crawl control on this rig!

Just a few pics from this weekend.



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