'99 Land Cruiser 90 Series diesel (Canada - JDM import)


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Very little to report on this one beyond putting miles on it. And I just switched back to snowtires. I did replace the upper balljoint boots/grease. and i have new lowers on the bench. Yes, OEMs because failure is not an option, or a cliche when it comes to lower bjs

BUT... its stablemate has changed. I recently sold my beloved Pajero Evolution, in order to get something more suited for the rough stuff... a 70 series Landcruiser. Maybe a new build thread for that one?


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Time for the yearly checkin on the Prado 90? Now at 148k kms, zero issues to report. Have new snowtires on the garage floor, but haven't had them installed on wheels yet. Speaking of wheels, I snagged a pair of OEM 16's, and the 17's that came with the truck got transferred to my "other" project, which has been garnering most of my attention since my last report, LOL.

I did notice a tear in one of my CV boots, so I need to replace that soon. Parts are on hand, but haven't gotten to it yet.


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I do have a legit update! Imagine! New snow tires. Uniroyal tiger paw cheapies, but actual snow tires, lots of sipes, and good tread depth. And found 245-75R16s, so a little narrower than stock, but same overall height. Ideal for gearing, yet increased contact pressure. No snow here at all yet, but this rig's permanent AWD is up for the challenge if it ever does...


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Just rolled up 160k kms on this little commuter. This month I replaced the lower balljoints (yes, its got THOSE lower bj's), since its the achilles heel of the platform. I used OEM's. Also removed my spacer "lift" to conserve fuel, and replaced an inner CV boot. Otherwise, oil changes is all this thing asks for. A 5 speed 1kz really is a great combo. Continuing to get just over 10L/100kms on my commute. This is about 23.5 MPG, on snow tires, with permanent AWD. Not too shabby.

Here's an old balljoint looking up at a new bj and wishing it a long life...

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