Any 7.3 gasser owners?


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Very happy with our 7.3L Godzilla F350. We ordered it specifically as an Offroad/ Overland vehicle and didn’t want the added weight or complexity of a modern diesel engine. My GVWR is 11,499lbs and fully loaded with my Supertramp camper and all our stuff we are still below 10k on a CAT Scale. With the 4.30 gears (it’s a TREMOR) and 37” tires I’m getting close to 11 mpg over 12,000 miles already driven. It’s a designated camping vehicle so not driven besides trips but we couldn’t be happier with the choice.


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What kind of MPG would you expect from a 10K lb vehicle?

A diesel will not be much if any better. You also have the extra cost of diesel fuel/DEF AND the additional cost for the diesel engine option.

10-12 MPG ain't that bad for any vehicle of this size and weight and it's GAS powered on top of that!

Agreed. Our rig with the Hallmark and the trailer with the 37s and my untouched Cummins G56 combo hand calculated is 11.8 average. I don't think him getting 11 is bad at all.

Now when tooting around trails and basically idling around, it's been 5 days so far every day driving, so that helps, but for traveling with a gas engine under that much load at 11 is great IMO.



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My 2001 Chevrolet Express 3500 Quigley 4WD ATF van with an 8.1 (496 CI Gas Engine), 4L80E Automatic Transmission and 4.10 gears gets 10 MPG @ 75 MPH and 12 MPG @ 65 MPH. Pulling the boat, the 57 Avion R20 camper or the car trailer it stays @ 10 MPG.

Would I like better MPG? Sure! Who wouldn't!

10 MPG is the reality and I am happy with that as I know there is not another vehicle out there any better given the utility of this van for all the many things we use it for.


We've got a 21 F250 w/ the 7.3 and it's been fantastic. More than enough power for our needs, reliable but yes, thirsty. We average anywhere between 9.6 to 10.4. That's w/ a Carli 2.5" lift and 37's, vertical bike rack in the hitch usually w/ 3 MTB's. Right around 50,000 miles right now.
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38K miles on my 22’. Carli 2.5” lift and 305 Mickey Thompson’s weighing in right at 9000 lbs. Just averaged 11.8 round trip for 1300 miles with a lot of time running 80-85. I’m typically 11-12 mpg depending on speed, but can see 13+ if I keep my cruise at 65. I rarely do though.


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I have 33k on my '22 F350 crew cab, standard bed, 7.3 with 4.30 rear end and stock tires - non-Tremor, so I think they're around 31-32". This is my second 7.3 truck and while I considered the diesel this time around, I am happy I stuck with the more simple gasser. I average 12-13 MPG on road trips typically driving in the mid 70s. My last truck ('20 F350 with 7.3) was identical but with 3.73 gears and got maybe 1 MPG better. Mine is a daily, carries random stuff in the bed from 100 lbs to 2,000 lbs, and occasionally tows lighter enclosed an open trailers. I still think it was the right choice for my needs. Probably could get away with an F150 but I'd rather be able to grow into this one with a camper or an eventual car trailer.

What are you looking to do with the truck? Will it be driven every day?


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Flatbed, 2.5 inch lift, 37's, 4.3 gearing, full front bumper, Bundutec Hardside camper... unadjusted speedo is saying 9 mpg which is likely closer to 10 mpg. I routinely tow a raft or jon boat. I drive faster than most (remeber the unadjsted speedo??). When I am not towing anything I am almost always going 80. Yes, that is with the camper on. I will ease off on long uphills but the 7.3 gas engine can handle it just fine.

Look, I work. That means I leave Firday after the buzzer hits 5 and beat cheeks to get somewhere cool. I leave Sunday and need to get back home to get other house chores done that were not done the previous week.

Yes, the fully loaded sprinter vans, subarus, tacos and runners with roof top tents give me dirtly looks when I blow past them. I also drink beer. I wait until I am home. The couch does not come to me so I race to get to the chores and then the couch. I do not want Inbev to go out of business.

The deal on these engines paired with the 4.3 gearing is they do what they are designed for. They are a good in between but are never going to get the fuel economy a diesel engine gets. The ten speed helps and this engine is way more efficeint than my old V10 in both an E and F 350. If you are going to be hooked up to a large 5th wheel on the weekends along with an equipment trailer all week go diesel. If this is a "secondish" vehicle (don;t really have to comute in it ever day) then the 7.3 gas is really nice. I had an old 7.3 diesel back in the day as well. Woke the neighborhood up every morning and choked them with blue smoke. The modern diesels are so much better but I learned to hate the diesel smell with that rig.

Now if I upgrade to 450 or 550 I would probably go diesel. Camper creep I call it...

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