Couple of camp kitchen questions


For those of you with the REI kitchen, does the cloth storage area detach? Is it used as a storage/caddy for cooking gear?

Yes it detaches, folds flat, and slips into the included carry case. I have only used mine a handful of times a few of those were in bear country so I really didnt keep much in it. When I used it for a week in Baja, I stored can goods, seasonings, paper towels, misc. kitchen gear, etc. in it.


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The first camp kitchen looks similar to the Cabelas one I reviewed in my camping gear thread in the Camping section.

On sale too.
Cabela's Instant Cooking Station

I bought two Sterlite drawers to fit inside, they hold all of my plates, silverware, pots/pans, ect...

Lots of choices out there, I am very happy with the one I bought.
Mine indeed folds flat too, and I stack gear on top of it in the rig.


Been looking at this one. Will be put on order in AM :chef:


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It is a nice unit, even better when Cabela's has sales on them.
I moved to a chuckbox for this year though, so I am not longer going to use this anymore.


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Shopping for tables and kitchens...the Gander Mountain Deluxe Camp Kitchen is pretty good. Anyone have it here on the portal?

The Gander Mountain looks strikingly similar to the Cabela's Standard Camp Kitchen, which we have (check Cabela's for current "sale"). I didn't put much stock into the "kitchen sink" option and have not used it (one more thing to wash and dry, unless you don't mind critters trying to get at food particles).

For a multi-day trip at the same site, its convenient. The bulk and, for most, the weight make it waaaay too cumbersome for an overnighter, and maybe even a two night trip.

I'm still undecided on the pantry set up, which is better used for pots and utensils (again, critters).

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