Doc's AT FlipPac Build Thread


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cool lights....

put some green and blues in there and you have a disc party in the works! :)

Dave Bennett

The interior build is on hold until my Engel fridge slide arrives.

I decided that vertical space above the fridge could be put to best use as a kitchen cupboard if the fridge lid didn't need to swing up and open there because of the stationary fridge mounting base - with the slide I'll be able to use all the space avilable.

I will continue the build once it gets here and I get all the measurements :ylsmoke:


I'm not sure if your camping conditions, but would there be a scenario where you may not want to have to get out of your truck in order to reach the fridge?

You could fab up a sideways slide for the fridge, and have it slide into your walkway area instead of over your tailgate. That way you can stay inside when it's raining.

I really do like that flip pack though... lots of room to play with now!


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:iagree: I was thinking the same thing!

BUT, I think we east coast guys spend a whole lot more time duckin out rain showers than the west coast folks. :snorkel:

Lookin forward to the next build update!

Dave Bennett





An awning is exactly what I do, the new pull apart popup awnings are cheap, light and don't take up to much space. The nicer ones have adjustable height and set up with 1 person in about 5 minutes. I found one for about $100.00.
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Dave Bennett

I have an Ezy-Up... the issue is that it is fairly large to store. And heavy IMO.

A sombrero type setup will be much smaller and lighter :)


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Doc, have you considered a Kelty Carport Deluxe as an option?

They pack up small, like a backpacking tent, and they're incredibly versatile as well. They can be used with included poles as a typical awning, or in winds & rain, they can be staked to the ground as a lean-to type shelter The deluxe has walls on two sides that can be rolled out almost to the ground for more privacy or protection from the wind.

Something else I like is that they can be moved to any side of the vehicle if needed. I think they would make a great option for a shower room, changing room, cook station out of the weather, a "guest room", or just for chillaxin' in the shade.

I like things that pack up small, have more than one use and are durable to handle whatever comes our way. All Kelty Carport Deluxe owners I've talked to love theirs. That's why I bought mine.



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If you get the Kelty I would have an awning maker/upholstery shop sew reinforcing patches in the corners. If you do a search on-line you'll see where people have had trouble with them ripping. They are designed to be tight when assembled but the material is lightweight. I think it cost me $30 or something like that when I had mine modified. I also don't like that the window cover Velcros on the inside so it leaks if you get much rain (mine is an older model so I don't know if they changed them). Also, watch eBay for much better deals on them as retail they're ungodly expensive for what they are.

I've actually been contemplating buying an awning rail that you fasten to your vehicle and then slide the corresponding piece in- several people in the VW club I belong to have them and they seem to work well.
Here's an example of what I'm talking about and you can see the other sew on piece on the tight side of the page. You'd still need two poles and a couple of staked lines but it would be pretty secure after that.

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