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After reading through many of the build threads on here I officially have the 4WD van bug. My family and I spend a lot of time in Baja, and as sad as it sounds my Silverado 2500HD Crew Cab just doesn't have enough room for my wife and I, our 2 kids, and 2 dogs, plus all of the "essentials" that they just can't live without for a week :).

In my search for a better solution I have decided on a van, but as anyone else who has been looking knows, the most desirable models are few and far between. I have been scouring Craigslist, Autotrader, Truck Paper, etc and still haven't found one anywhere close to me.

I thought we could all help each other out in our searches, and maybe the mods can make this a sticky. I know I am not the only one on here looking.....

Also, I am open to having a vehicle shipped, but would prefer someone local to check it our first. If anyone is local to any of these and is willing to take a look I will cover gas costs, etc. I would be happy to return the favor is anyone needs one looked at in So Cal

"MY" Requirements:
1. Passenger version, extended body, 2WD, no conversions
2. 7.3l diesel, 6.0l diesel, or V10
3. My "perfect" van would be a 2005 V10 15 passenger.

I will start:

2000 E350 7.3 15 passenger, 69K miles, $13K in Michigan-

2006 E350 6.0l 12 passenger, 102K miles, $13K in Michigan

2003 E350 7.3l 12 passenger, 103K miles, $12K in Texas

2002 E350 7.3l 15 passenger, 128K miles, $11K, in Ohio

2005 E350 6.0l 15 passenger, 104K miles, $20K, in Loa Angeles area

2007 E350 6.0l 15 passenger, 74K miles, $20K in Indiana

2005 E350 6.0l 15 passenger, 143K miles, $16K in Ohio

2004 E350 6.0l 12 passenger, 95K miles, $16K in Michigan

(3x) 2006 E350 6.0l 12 passenger, 66K miles, $14K in Houston

2004 E350 6.0l 15 passenger 132K miles, $13K in Stockton, CA

2000 E350 7.3l 12 passenger 144K miles, $12.5K in Tampa, FL

2000 E350 7.3l 15 passenger (Quadvan 4x4) 98K miles, $18K, in Austin Texas (the current owner is just a reseller and knows nothing about the conversion, but according to QuadVan it is most likely IFS)
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So you're only open to the newer model vans? GREAT deals can be had on 80s and 90s vans. I got mine for a steal.


So you're only open to the newer model vans? GREAT deals can be had on 80s and 90s vans. I got mine for a steal.

Yeah, I would like a newer one. I currently have an 04 Silverado that I will be selling to buy the van, so my budget is around $15K or so for the van, which will give me enough left over to do the 4x4 conversion. Of course, if I can find a good one for less I wouldn't complain......

I have a full sized off road race truck that I will be towing, and I spend a lot of time down in Baja with my family, so I really want/need a newer van. More power, less maintenance, etc. I have enough projects on my plate with my other vehicles.


this isn't local for you, but was wondering if anybody could talk me out of this one. I not thrilled its a dodge 308 and full time 4 wheel drive. the transfer case and hubs can be changed fairly easy. but not a motor head and the fords and chevys seem to be more prevelent.
but the van has all the other things I would like (besides a diesel)
just thoughts and opionions??

I am considering this one, and a 97 chevy that is for sale on the forum ( ) and I am at a flip a coin almost. one is cheaper but close enough to condiser either I think. both are fly and drive so I dont actually get to see them in person till I am needing a ride home. lol

thanks for any input.



I have two non-negotiable requirements- the first is than it is an extended body, and the second is that is is a passenger version, not a cargo van. I have decided that I could live with a V10, and I may be actually leaning towards a newer V10 at this point since it has the better tranny and doesn't have the issues of the 6.0 diesel. With a lower initial cost and less $$ required to "fix" the 6.0, I think the V10 will work for me. So I have expanded my search.

89s rule

Im looking too my requests are 99-03, extended back, no rust, and not beat. Prefer diesel 7.3 200k or less.
$6k or less. The lower the better. I have seen them just not local enough.


For anyone looking at the V10's, I have find out some useful info. The 2005 model year was the first to have the 5R110W transmission (the 6.0l diesels got them in 2004), and they do not have the DSC system as far as I can tell. The DSC started in the 2006 models. So if you are looking for the V10s and don't want the additional expense of the DSC front axles, 2005 is the way to go.

Here is one in Fredericksburg, VA, which is just too far for me..... $12,900 with 65K miles

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