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18x18x18 box for close to $500?!?! ammo cans are heavier(what does a few kg difference make when they are loaded with 20 kg anyways?), have handles, and are very easily replaceable. comparable size ~ $20-$40 like new

i know they're not made out of space age materials but they have proven their robustness for decades.

Dave Bennett

I have modified the Goose Gear drawers with Trek Pak liners. So with the Goose Gear system and the modular storage via Front Runner Outfitters Wolf Pack and Flat Pack storage boxes we're pretty dialed in for any potential mission set.

Stay tuned for the full Monty soon... LOTS of upgrades all around.

Goose gear with Trek Pak.jpeg
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$2,600 for a camp kitchen (plus shipping, plus actual cooking equipment plus stove)? Are you freaking KIDDING ME? That is just crazy for a chuckbox on sliders.

There was a kick starter a year ago for a chuck box, and people thought it was expensive, and that was 1/4th the price. I get that these are made from very high quality parts, and assembled to your specs, but there is no way... :Wow1:

Dave Bennett

By the time you figure in labor and materials - lock in/out slides that are rated to carry this weight (300 lbs each) are only made by TWO manufacturers in the world and cost $300... each... as in cost to Goose Gear.

Top notch materials and top notch craftsmanship come at a price, and obviously this is what the market will bear as evidenced by interest and sales. I'm picky as hell and am blown away by what I'm seeing come out of their shop.



A sheet of 1/2" Joubert weighs less then a sheet of 1/4" regular plywood
That is a big difference do we have any wood workers, in my research 1/2" 4x8 Joubert 37lbs 1/4" 4x8 plywood 25lbs.


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Allow us to clarify, when we compare our product to plywood we are using Baltic birch plywood as the benchmark as it is what we see as the most commonly used ply in vehicle cabinetry. The 12mm Okoume weighs in at 37# and 6mm Baltic birch weighs in at 29#. A 12mm sheet of Baltic birch weighs in at 58#. Our intentions were to state that our plywood weighs in at about half the weight, obviously that is actually 63.8%. We were originally told slightly more favorable figures by our suppliers claiming the Okoume was "half the weight of Baltic birch" clearly a loose translation and in all honesty we have never personally weighed either of the materials, nor did we take the time to verify it. We just new that one person could very easily handle a full sheet of Okoume and the Baltic is considerably heavier in the same thicknesses. We will weigh each of the materials and post it. Either way we should have completely verified the numbers before stating that it was 1/2 the weight, so for that we apologize.


Sweet setup! How do you access that one spot?

Dave, your set up looks great and I'm considering something similar. How do you access the space under the two drawers on the left of this photo?

Dave Bennett

Dave, your set up looks great and I'm considering something similar. How do you access the space under the two drawers on the left of this photo?

The drawers are easily removed, the house battery etc lives under there so access is not required 99% of the time.

I've since sold this truck to Frank at YodaTEQ.

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