How Do You Store Your Garbage?


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1. - I eliminate all unnecessary packaging and scrap while I have a place to dump it. This greatly reduces my camping garbage.

2. - When camping alone I generate very little garbage. That goes in the gamma-seal bucket that my poop bags go in (my bucket toilet).

3. - When traveling with others I carry a second 5 gallon gamma-seal bucket that rides on the floor of camper while traveling and outside in camp.
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I went to a bear can for my trash. Seals right up, obviously critter proof, and keeps scent under control. I mount it on a molle panel on the outside when done for the night. And if I do forget to put it up at night, I don’t have to worry about animals getting to it.

Little different but it works for me.
At home, before the trip, repackage consumables, where possible, to minimize trash (think ahead).
On the road; minimal trash is generated; dump the munchie wrappers, cans and bottles at the fuel stops.
In camp, when there is no fire ban; burn the food waste and packaging in the fire pit/ring. (For civilized campers who must have toilets and showers dump the waste in the provided bins...)

link to another thread; managing trash


Edit; I see Todd beat me to it!
Please do not burn trash in a fire pit. First of all it is likely plastic or coated in some kind of chemical.

Food scraps do not burn well and will leave odors animals will seek out. Like my dog who will never leave a fire pit alone because she smells something in there (Lab).



choped the lages of a garden chair +a construction bag.


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I use doubled trash compactor bags. So thick that small amounts of liquids and sharp edged things like canned food lids will not cause a leak. Twist the bag top and put a 2"spring clamp on it in order to keep it closed while moving on the road.


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I like this thread. No input on my end but I have always hated how I carry trash.... in a trash bag in the bed of my truck.
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I use one of my old external frame backpacks, I remembered this one from a while ago.

VanWaLife nice touch on the drip pan, is it secured to the tool box lid?


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I hope this is the right forum for this query; it is a sort of storage problem, after all.

A friend and I spent 2 1/2 years building my IH/Alaskan camper, sweating a myriad of details like having enough gas (three tanks, two original IH tanks with stock selector valve, third is a transfer tank), spare wheel storage (swing-out tire carrier made with a 4xInnovations hinge & latch kit), custom camper/tool box frame, various modifications to the stock Alaskan gas & water plumbing to accommodate a flatbed-with-sidebox configuration, and many others.

You know what I realized we forgot to incorporate when I took it on its first multi-day trip?

Yup-- garbage storage.

A plastic grocery bag hanging from a cabinet pull was the best I came up with en route, and I know there has to be a cleaner, more esthetically pleasing alternative. Problem is space: all the interior recesses that might be called on to house some sort of trash receptacle are already in use.

Hopefully there are some good ideas out there...
Mine gets tossed into a bag in the Jeep and EVERY gas stop it gets thrown into the gas station garbage can. or ferry garbage or road side pull out garbage... ps I also use the bathroom facilities at every option and I have NO pooping facilities on my rig. There is always a flush or outhouse option.

I empty my garbage daily at minimum.

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I like the ammo box idea and since I have an extra one that I almost gave away and now I will put it into service. It may not be odor-proof but it should be strong enough to hold up to almost any critter. Thanks for that idea!

I liked the idea of the external trash carrier except for the critter attraction so I never considered that as an option. Even if we are not in bear country there are enough other critters out there that would love to explore an opportunity.


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VanWaLife nice touch on the drip pan, is it secured to the tool box lid?
Yes, it is bolted through the top of the tool box with some silicon sealant to keep water out...also drilled some drain holes in the pan. Seems very secure so far, although I haven't gone wheeling to fully test it yet.

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