How Do You Store Your Garbage?


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In the power wagon with the fam… 5gal Home Depot bucket with a lid, kitchen trash bag inside. Usually try to minimize trash before the trip and snack/cab trash goes into the gas station bins. Grocery bag for recyclables to take home. Bucket stays in the bed under the fiberglass shell at night, bag twisted shut and lid sealed. This was developed when the tiny human was still in diapers though, so hopefully we can tone it down a little further moving into this summer.

In the xterra…. Grocery bags and drops at morning fuel stop.


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Great topic, not storing trash properly in bear country not only could screw up your plans, but the next person using the camp spot after you.

I swap depending on how long I'm expecting to be between garbage drops. <4 days at a time and I use a dry bag + kitchen bag inside my vehicle, longer and I have the larger Counter Assault bear keg. The keg traps the smells well for inside storage, but it can be placed away from camp at night and is built/certified for that purpose (bears can't carry or destroy them). Plus it works well as a step or extra seat. I'm almost exclusively in griz/black bear territory.

One note, with the Trasharoo style bags, you can probably do a bear hang with them if you are in an area with trees. Just look up the proper way to do a bear hang before you're out there. Some areas don't allow them since people often don't do them well, the two tree method is best.
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Best advice for use in the USA, is just use the grocery store plastic bags that your groceries come in... they are free and nobody looks at you sideways when you stuff them in whatever garbage can you see (gas stations, public ones, wherever..)

I just store them in the wheel bag or a box on the roof.
Whatever you feel comfortable with... I prefer CrashPad wheel bags since they are PVC coated on the inside and last.


I've been using a pet food bucket (3-gal) with a trash bag as liner. Simple, inexpensive, seals up well with a screw top lid plus rubber gasket seal and impervious to weather. Easy to clean if needed, light and stores great plus has a metal handle to hang off bumper during the day for trash collection. These can be had in a variety of sizes and shapes.

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